Topiramate for weight loss : topamax benefits,Side effects,Precaution

Topiramate for weight loss : Topiramate is a drug that helps to lose weight by all-natural means. Let’s find out how the use of topiramate helps one to lose weight. To achieve your goal you can rely on Topiramate completely but you should take it regularly and in a prescribed manner. Let us know more about this drug.

Topiramate for weight loss : topamax benefits,Side effects,Precaution

Reduces Appetite

Topiramate reduces appetite by altering the rewarding process of the brain, thus make people feel less hungry, which in turn controls the food cravings. It reduces hunger-stimulating hormones and thereby stops you from eating food periodically.

Affects the addiction centre of the brain

The use of topiramate affects your brain positively. If you are taking this drug then you would no longer take interest in food or alcohol. It suppresses the excess dopamine secretions in your brain so that you can get rid of periodic cravings. Many times you eat food, not because you are hungry but due to your habits. Topiramate helps you to stop these habits and thereby make you lose weight faster by all-natural means.

Alters the hormone

The use of the drug may alter the hormones, called cortisol and leptin, which help the body to store less fat and regulate the appetite, respectively.


Topiramate distracts your mind from the habit of eating food so that you can work on your task completely. This process helps to stay focus and avoid you from gaining extra weight. As a result of this, the person follows his diet plan regularly.


The use of the topiramate promotes ketosis in which the body uses its own stored fat to give energy to the body. So this process ultimately makes the person lose weight significantly.

Increases Metabolism

Topiramate helps for better digestion. Healthy digestion reduces the accumulation of food and burns the extra fat stored in the body.
Drink more water after taking this drug which will help to prevent kidney stones. If you do not lose the desired amount of weight within the 12 weeks, then see the doctor’s consultation to stop taking it.
Some believe that topiramate speeds up the metabolism process. And we know that higher metabolism rates promote weight loss.

Reduces Saliva production

The person who takes topiramate experiences a reduction in saliva production. The reduced saliva makes the food tasteless and as a result, the person eats less or sometimes losses the normal appetite.

How to use topiramate properly for weight loss

Topiramate is an off-label drug for weight loss. So in this case, we need to follow certain things before using topiramate to avoid harmful health concerns.
Always consults a doctor before taking this medicine and only takes the prescribed doses. Follow the instructions carefully before taking topiramate for weight loss. You should take one pill at the start of your day. Do not take this drug in the evening as it may affect your sleep. Do not break the capsule or chew it. Swallow the capsule whole.
Drink more water after taking this drug which will help to prevent kidney stones. If you do not lose the desired amount of weight within the 12 weeks, then see the doctor’s consultation to stop taking it.

Doses for topiramate on daily basis

If you are busy or you want to do much work on a specific day then you can skip some of the pills. But don’t make it habit otherwise it will be of no use. It is important to note that, extra dosages can cause you to suffer. So, don’t try to cover your skipped days.

The factor that influences weight loss

There is no doubt that topiramate cause weight loss. But you need to be patient about the results. Moreover, you should not compare the results with the person who is taking Topiramate for a longer period.
If you have the will to accomplish your work faster then, you should not rely only on the drug. You should try to keep a healthy lifestyle. Do not eat junk food even if you are not eating too much of it. That how you will get fast results. It will boost your results on the next gear.
If you are under medication for some other diseases, this drug may not work properly for weight loss. Because consumption of the other drugs can affect the action of the Topiramate.

Side effects

The working of the Topiramate is not fixed. It will behave according to your body chemistry. People may or may not able to experience the side effects of the drug. Don’t worry about the side effects of the drug, as it is mainly trying to lose your weight by all-natural means. You may take time to get compatible with this drug, as there are some side effects of this drug, especially in the beginning stages.


If you are under the medication of some other diseases then informed your doctor about it before starting the dose of topiramate.