Polishing Your Brand: Why Videos Are Important for Your Marketing Efforts

Have you ever seen an amazing promotional video that made you buy a product? Video content is used in a wide range of corporate contexts these days, including meetings, memoranda, training courses, and content marketing.

As a freight company owner, you undoubtedly worry about the expense and complexity of video editing. But what if we told you that everything can be done in just a few clicks? It’s time to learn about why editing videos is a skill you need to have for the success of your logistics business.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the reasons why you should edit videos, and we’ll introduce you to one of the best video editing tools out there: Flixier.

Why Should You Invest in Video Editing Software?

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Why would you even invest in video editing programs?

Well, there are a couple of reasons that come to mind when thinking about reasons to use video editing apps:

Video is Shareable

Users of mobile videos share their videos with others. Here’s your chance to showcase your business while having fun.

The possibilities for video marketing are endless and are only restricted by your creativity. There are several alternatives available, such as using Facebook Live and making informational video content. Everyone should be in the video; it’s not only for other well-known brands.

As a freight company owner, you can craft video guides about various logistic locations, for example.

Create Business Videos

If an image says 1000 words, just imagine what a narration is in a video!

With the help of a business video maker, you can put your company’s story out there. Make people get to know you and craft presentation videos that are meant to be remembered.

Make People Trust You

Trust is important, especially in the logistics industry. You can connect with your audience and gain their trust by using video to give your brand and business a personality.

You will be laying a stronger foundation of trust for your consumers the more video content you have available to them for information and education. And sales are a direct result of trust.

Boost Search Engine Optimization

Content that engages viewers is what search engines hunt for. Nothing entices consumers to stay on pages longer than a video.

Additionally, you’ll be much more visible and have a better chance of coming up in searches if you upload your video tracks to YouTube in addition to your website.

Flixier, Your Go-To Online Video Editor

Of all the video programs out there, there is one that captivated us profoundly: Flixier, an online video editor meant to help you streamline the creation process.

And here are some of the reasons Flixier is the best video editing software out there:

A Free Video Editor Online

While it’s not completely free, you can try it before you buy. If you don’t mind having a watermark in the corner of your video, Flixier can be an amazing free online video editor. But if you need more professionally looking videos, we do recommend you to upgrade the free version to one of the paid plans – which thankfully won’t break the bank either!

Cloud-Based, Professional Editing

Other professional video editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Windows Movie Maker have one thing in common: they have bulky programs that need to be downloaded to your computer & also make video rendering take ages.

What if you could edit the video online? Flixier’s editing software allows you to create video clips right on your browser, with an amazing rendering performance. Upload your media, play around with the advanced tools, and craft video projects to remember (which you can also share directly to a social media platform of your choice)! Suitable for both Windows and Mac Users.

Advanced Features to Create Videos to Remember

With a minimalist interface and free options, Flixier has multiple high-end features that aim to help you have a smooth editing experience. You can now add graphics to your video, play around with visual effects, or even merge two video tracks into one. If you can dream it, there’s nothing out there to stop you!

AI-Powered Tools

Flixier has also some in-build AI tools for advanced editing: whether you need a female voice generator, a green screen, a text-to-speech video or an audio enhancer, these are all video editing tools offered by the best online video editor out there.

Ready to Discover More Video Editing Tools?

As a logistics business owner, making videos should be one of your main priorities in order to put your business out there. And now there’s nothing stopping you.

If you are not convinced by us, feel free to give Flixier a try and let us know what you think about this video editing software. Upload your own media, follow your own editing process, and craft a video project to remember!