How to lose weight in a month : Secret of Fat Burn

How to lose weight in a month: Have you gained a lot of weight in recent times? Are you willing to lose weight in a month? Then you should consider the following ideas before starting your diet plans.

let us know first how does it work. Your body digs a huge amount of calories in and does not burn them if you stay in the same place with no physical activity. Plus junk food snacks make it all nasty. To start the weight loss you need to understand the concept of weight loss. So you can easily work on this.

How to lose weight in a month , Secret of Fat Burn

How does it work?

An average person with normal physical activities needs 20000 calories per day. If you go beyond this limit you start gaining weight. With simple as that to reduce weight you have to consume 1200-1500 calories per day. Right opposite to gaining weight. And workout does little burn those calories up. Things you should avoid during the process are deserts and sweet are the number one enemy of your body because it contains sugar and a high amount of fat. Sugar has the same reaction on your body as same as cocaine. Also, the fast-food items, bakery items, and foods that are fried in the oil deeply. This can be seriously increasing the fat level in your body.

Some weight loss techniques can reduce your weight abruptly. But they may cause serious side effects on your body. These methods can affect the overall body’s growth.

Dry fasting

Firstly we are going to discuss is Dry fasting method. Dry fasting detoxifies your body, improves your immunity. Also, it prevents your body from infections and inflammation. This method not only heels your body but also strengthens your emotional feelings so that you can feel healthy.

How to start 

Basically, it is hard to keep your stomach empty so you should be determined before starting the process. Try to finish your evening meal as early as possible. After that fasting should last for 10-15 hr.

During this process, you may feel irritation or headache but these are just side effects. It will not cause you serious problems.

What to eat the day before fasting 

Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol before fasting. Because these things make your body dehydrate faster so on the day of fasting you may feel more thrusty. If you eat excessive sugar before fasting then it is possible that you may not overcome your cravings.

How to break your fast

When you are done with your fast, drink 1-2 glass of water with lemon juice in it. After some time you can eat dates, bananas, or any fruit which fills your tummy. With these fruits instated of water, you can take coconut water or buttermilk. In meal, you should include vegetable soup, different pulses, and salads, etc.

How frequently to fast?

You have to do this dry fast just one’s in a week. Surely this brings a lot of difference in your shape. Also as we are not eating any food so try to avoid heavy or stressful exercises. Still, if want to do exercises then you can try breathing, yoga, etc.

This easy method is easy to discuss but hard to implement especially for those who can’t avoid periodic cravings. For these people let’s discuss another method that focuses on limited but healthy eating.


Drinking 2-3 glass of lukewarm water from the copper vessels with lemon juice is very beneficial for your health. It will not only hydrate your body throughout the day but also helps to increase the metabolism rate in your body. At breakfast, you have to take fruits, watermelon, pineapple, papayas. Try to avoid bananas as they contain some amount of fat. For lunch, you can add soups, pulses, fish with whole wheat chapatti, etc. Fish contain more amounts of protein and help to brake fat molecules thereby melting fat content in your body.

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You can do a simple exercise to digest your previous meals before having evening meals and activate your digestive energy to feel hungry. Evening food should be as light as possible to avoid the storage of an extra amount of fat. If you feel hungry in between these food spans then you can have a glass of buttermilk to overcome acidity or any irritations.

The above-mentioned method has scientific proof. For better progress, you have to extend your physical movements day by day. That doesn’t mean that start going to the gym or fit heavyweights. You can simply go for walks or cyclings, do rope jump ropes at home. If it is feasible for you then you can also add swimming or cardio sessions in your lifestyle.

Hope so one of the two methods will suit your body. Both methods are scientifically proven for weight loss. But if you manage to do first then it can benefits you from a wider perspective.