Gabriel iglesias Weight loss : Fitness Journey

Gabriel iglesias Weight loss Success Journey,  Gabriel Iglesias is one of the famous stand-up comedians. He has excellent delivery timings. Also, he has such skills that people say his jokes are not scripted. He is skilled in his work and also knows how to use this talent. Gabriel is a big foodie and loves to eat cakes so people often bring him cake before and after shows. He is the first comedian to shoot a comedy special in Hawaii.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight loss

Between 2012- 13, Gabriel weighs around 437 pounds. But in 2013 he has lost almost 117 pounds during his weight loss journey. Gabriel always used to say I’m not fat… I’m fluffy. Because he has no worries about his shape rather he loves to make jokes about his shape.

The reason behind Gabriel obesity:

 Gabriel became popular by making fun of his own plus-size body. He is going through some serious diabetes problems during his busy schedule. Due to these serious health issues, he has to cancel some of his comedy shows to focus on his health and feeling helpless. He also apologizes for this cancellation of shows. He was going through intense schedules for at least 20 years. Every 18 months he was on a new tour. As he loves to eat & cannot manage to stay fit. But in the end, he has to think over those bad habits otherwise things may go out of his control.

During this tough time, his fans were with him. They always share personal stories of their weight loss success and help him to keep going. After losing weight and with a healthy lifestyle he managed to control his diabetes. Many people not able to overcome these situations and get depressed but Gabriel was not among them.

Gabriel has only two years to live:

Gabriel gets serious about his health when his doctor told him that he has only two years to live. He was putting 430 pounds of weight on his legs. Gabriel’s leg got swollen. Some of his body parts were bleeding. and not getting recovered easily due to diabetes. 

After proper treatment and workout, he manages to lose around 140 pounds of weight. He looks very fine after getting health treatment. Now he is no more on insulin. For these results, he has to put himself on a strict diet. His doctor helps him a lot to get the correct diet plan. His trainer also consciously keeping records of his calories and motivating him to look healthy. Losing weight is a tough challenge for him because he hates workouts. But he has to do some sacrifices to get in decent shape. Everybody wants to know how could he manage to lose these many pounds.

Diet plan of Gabriel iglesias Weight loss –

The first thing he has changed in the diet was stops eating baked food items. Gabriel is known for eating bakery items. He loves eating chocolate cakes, pastries, and bread items. But he overcomes his weaknesses and stops eating bakery items & Taking Natural Pills. When he starts his diet plan his progress was surprisingly good.

The second thing he stops drinking too much alcohol. He was in severe depression because of his health issues and on alcohol so that he can perform well on the stage. Many times he makes a joke of his lifestyle, habits, and his fluffiness. But he was always respected as a comedian. People always supported him in his hard times. This positive feedback from his fans motivates him to lose those extra pounds.

Trainer’s efforts:

Gabriel’s workout schedules are not boring. His trainer was pretty smart. He tries to put a lot of variations in his workouts. Gabriel tried everything in the gym like Yoga, MMA, cross-fit, etc. His trainer keeps records of his calories wherever he goes. So he can burn those extra calories in the gym the next day. This healthy habit puts him in a numbers game. Where he can see many calorie tag on each food. The number that reminds him of how much time he needs to work out in the gym. At the same time, he decided not to eat any unhealthy food which will cause him to push harder in the gym. That’s where he finds control of his life. 

Girlfriend and friend’s support:

His girlfriend helps him a lot to eat a healthy diet. Wherever he goes his girlfriend always forces him to eat healthily. She helps him to keep count of his calories. Sometimes Gabriel gets frustration because of her interventions while eating food.

One of his friends named martin also helped him to lose weight. They used to go to the gym together. Although they try different things in the gym because everybody has their way of working out but they always motivate each other to go to the gym.