Bhumi pednekar weight loss : Secret of Fitness

Bhumi pednekar is one of the most adaptable actors from Indian Bollywood. She is known for her hard-working attitude and realistic acting skills. She manages to get into the Bollywood on her own skills. Bhumi’s descent and enthusiastic behavior always grab the attention of her fans. She is not only talented but also courageous to play difficult tasks. Generally, female actresses try to avoid family drama kind of movies. Because they think that these types of movies can demote their images in the market and will not able to get a lead roll in the movies. Plying rolls in the family drama movies is a difficult role as engaging the audience is very difficult in this case. But instead of all these circumstances, bhumi performs well in her all projects. Here Bhumi pednekar weight loss journey.

Bhumi pednekar weight loss : Secret of Fitness

Bhumi lost 24 kg in just 4 months

Bhumi has lost over 24 kg weight of her first project called ‘Dum laga ke haisha’. This was the real challenge for her because getting the attention of the audience in plus size image is really a difficult task. Her first movie was not that hit, although everybody appreciates bhumi for her acting. In the beginning, bhumi was very happy because she was getting all her favorite food to eat.

She doesn’t get a lot of problems with increasing weight. Her body gets easily adaptable to this task. She has to put herself on 90 kgs for the shooting of her first film. After completing the project she was not worried about her shape. She knows that she will manage to lose this weight before her new project. After completing the first film without wasting time she starts to lose weight. Before releasing this film she already lost 10 kgs because she doesn’t want to remain as a fat girl in Bollywood.    

Bhumi’s diet plan

Moderate levels of activities cannot make you lose 24 kg weight. Since she wants to lose weight faster she plans for intense workouts. But she hardly able to move on cardio machines because of her own weight. Hence she starts to do simple exercises so that her body can prepare for intense activities. She has some issues with her fitness. However, she constantly works on her schedules.

In the beginning, before starting workout she decided to cut down some unhealthy things. Bhumi left eating dairy food. Although dairy food is healthy, it contains a lot of fats. So she left dairy food at least she becomes slim.  She prefers to eat clean and gluten-free food. She puts herself mostly on a vegan diet to keep the body alkaline and free form the heavy digestion process. However, her supplements contain some sort of protein which is extracted from meat or non-vegetarian source. Bhumi takes these protein supplements occasionally. She also believes that eating non-vegetarian food is the best way to keep the body fit and healthy. She drinks water with lemon juice to keep the body alkaline and free from toxins.

Bhumi’s mindset for weight loss

It is important to note that bhumi never take suggestions for any dietician or physician to fix her diet plan. She believes that following any fancy diet is not the correct way to lose weight. Instated she keeps on eating home-made food and tries to do workouts each and every day. Her food was simple but effective, contains nothing but wholesome food. Also, it is scientifically proven that plant-based food is easy to digest and easy to consume. Bhumi’s mother has a lot of knowledge about food and she helps her to fix a regular diet plan. Instated of taking pills for faster weight loss, she takes her time to become fitter. Home-made food also causes glowing of skin.

 She has a clear mindset and a very stable attitude towards the weight loss journey. She was very patient and confident before starting weight loss. Instated of thinking of any shortcuts she takes very clear efforts for better results. She has invested her good amount of time to look fit and healthy. Because she knows that the efforts that she was taking will be completely going to change her life.

Bhumi’s diet plan

In the morning, she starts with the omelet with a slice of gluten-free bread or just a nice big bowl of musli (green vegetable) with cashew or almond milk. In lunch, she takes one whole jawar roti with vegetables or fluids with different pulses.  During dinner, she loves to eat grilled fish. She gives much importance to the starters. She believes that what you eat in the starters is what you will be. Thus, she never eats unhealthy or heavy food in the morning. For glowing skin, she drinks a lot of water throughout the day. To detox the body, she has a habit of drinking lemon water right after waking up in the morning.

It is important to note that because of her simple diet she managed to stay fit not only physically but also mentally. In fact, she looks fresh and comfortable with her schedules. She is able to manage these things comfortably because she never tries to do things that are not suitable for her. It was all about just simple food and regular exercise.