Lavell Crawford weight loss : Secret of fat to fit

Lavell Crawford is a popular American comedian and actor. He has been doing comedy for the last 20-25 years. He has long experience of doing comedy. Also, he is always confident about his work. But something was there that is frightening him. His focus was getting disturbed because of his thoughts. Of course, comedians have a free mindset towards everything. They never regret or procrastinate about anything, but sometimes some critical things can make them think about their life. Lavell is a cool guy. He never thinks about his size but after having son things get changed. His big size looks like a critical concern for him. Finally, he decided to fix this problem permanently by working on it. Here is Lavell Crawford weight loss journey.

Lavell Crawford weight loss

It will be funny to know how Lavell becomes a comedian. When he was in a school some of his friends make jokes about his size. And while answering them Lavell develops his humor to throw insults at them. During these days, Lavell gets known about his strength of making comedy on any topic. That’s how he chooses to be a comedian.

Lavell loses 120 pounds 

During his early 40’s he has no plan for losing weight. Lavell gets serious about his fitness, after the birth of his son. He wants to live until his son gets mature and get stands on his knees. He wants to give a healthy environment to his son for growing up. Also, he loves his wife so much and promises her that he will lose his extra weight.

Lavell was 475 pounds before his operation. 475pounds for a 5’11 guy is surely a big deal. To become active, he decided to plan his food properly and develop proper patterns of living. He tries to avoid sweets. And he lost over 75 pounds in three months. Sweet food contains a lot of carbohydrates. Eating a small quantity of sugar will give you instant energy. Thus people having weaknesses have given glucose-water for instant energy. Eat less than the daily required amount so that body can use stored fat to meet daily calorie demand.

Lavell’s journey toward a healthy life

Lavell was not born as a fat child. Moreover, in the early days of his life, he used to play football, baseball, etc. Due to these continuous activities, he was not that bulky. As he was growing up, due to a sedentary lifestyle he keeps on gaining weight when he decides to lose weight he thinks that he will able to lose weight. So he tried Brazilian jiu-jitsu and started to go on long walks with his friends. 

Also, he has no bikes or video games at that time so he was tough at that time. At the start, he was pretty sure about his weight loss. But the results were not that interesting. Although his sugar level was getting under control his weight was still a bigger concern for him. When he gets to know that he will not able to do more activities, he decided to have gastric sleeve surgery.

Lovell’s gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is done to directly cut down fat levels in your body. It mainly cut down excess fat in the body thereby decreasing your weight significantly. If surgery doesn’t suit your body then there may be some side effects of this surgery. But having said that this is the fastest way to lose body weight. Also, you need not worry about strict diet plans or heavy workout exercises. This surgery is for those who have age restrictions. Lavell has done this surgery at the age of 47. So, it takes courage to overcome these circumstances. He thinks that this procedure is not that bad. This procedure will boost your confidence when you have nothing positive to think of. You kept moving and feel good when you have these options. Lavell feels glad that he can develop some muscles nowadays.

Levell believes that everybody is healthy and looks good in their weight ranges. It doesn’t matter how big you look but if you are comfortable moving or able to do your work with full energy then you should not worry about how you look. It is all fine if you do not look like old fat people.

Lavell never used to say I’m done with the task. He never makes excuses about his work instead he keeps on moving and developing day by day. Lavell never thinks about how small the achievement is. He is not like all those old guys who keep on procrastinating on the things they are not able to do. Lavell strongly believes in the improvement and healthy life even if it was not as healthy as his thoughts. 

Hope that he will live longer and keep motivating us.

Thanks for investing your time in reading this content. Hope you like it. Keep growing and glowing.