wDogecoin (WDOGE): All You Need To Know


In the last year, Dogecoin has become one of the most well-known cryptocurrency that is now as popular like Bitcoin itself. The Dogecoin phenomenon was highlighted by celebrities such as Elon Musk Mark Cuban and Jordan Belford who would often pump the coin through their own Twitter accounts. A brand new cryptocurrency token known as wDogecoin is being made available for the sole purpose of mining dogecoin by yield farming. Find out what you need to know regarding wDogecoin and the concept of yield farming.

What is Dogecoin?

wDogecoin is a brand new yield farm token that is based on BSC20 which was recently released. WDogecoin tokens can be utilized to mine Dogecoin through taking them over long-term usage by a method known as yield farming. Yield farming is a method like staking where cryptocurrency holders place their coins on exchanges or on a yield farming platforms, where they remain for a time and earn interest in the form of cryptocurrency. The whitepaper for wDogecoin outlines numerous advantages to making use of the cryptocurrency. These are the main advantages of wDogecoin as according to the website. site.

Features of wDogecoin

  • Community-driven platform
  • The goal of the developers is to establish a leading Bitcoin as well as Dogecoin farms using the Binance Smart Chain platform having transparency and fair metrics as well as producing a lot of profits.
  • Smart Chain’s ultra-low transaction cost makes transactions easy for anyone.
  • The profits (dividends) are credited to the accounts of users daily as well as in real time. Users are able to withdraw dividends at any point.
  • wDogecoin is working on its own NFT farm that will allow users to cultivate NFTs by using their Dogecoins.

How do I make money selling wDogecoin?

WDogecoin will launch on July 15 2021. It is possible to buy and sell wDogecoin through the SWAP platform Pancake Swap. In order to buy wDogecoin, users will need the wDogecoin address given here – 0xf40c1f421ee02a550afdd8712ef34dce97eec6f2. Buyers who wish to purchase wDogecoin must make a transfer of BNB or BTC into their wallets and connect their wallets via Pancake Swap. After linking the wallet to Pancake Swap, users can trade BNB or BTC to wDogecoin through the The Pancake Swap exchange. Stay tuned for further updates about the wDogecoin exchange.

How to buy Dogecoin in India?

Trading and buying cryptocurrencies was prohibited in India until 2018 , when India’s Supreme Court decided to legalise the practice. The cryptocurrency business in India has seen a boom with thousands of Indians have made investments in cryptocurrency. It can be an intimidating process, however you can find cryptocurrency exchanges which make buying crypto relatively simple for the novice. Crypto exchanges are websites and apps such as Binance or Robinhood that permit individuals who are not experienced in trading to invest into crypto in an straightforward manner, investing in into their currency. In India it is possible to purchase Dogecoin using a variety of exchanges like Coinswitch Kuber, WazirX, CoinDCX. Follow the steps below to purchase Dogecoin.

  • Install a reputed Indian crypto exchange such as Coinswitch/WazirX/CoinDCX/Bitbns/Zebpay. Do your homework prior to deciding on a particular exchange.
  • Create your account by signing up and validating your KYC. You must activate 2 Factor authentication to make your application extremely safe.
  • Include your bank’s details or UPI data to the application. You can add funds to the exchange after the bank information and UPI are registered.
  • After the funds have been placed into an exchange account and you have it, you can make use of it to purchase Dogecoin and any of the other currencies that is available to purchase. Check out the screenshots above for a more thorough look.

FAQ’s regarding Wdogecoin.

  • What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that is decentralised inspired by the Doge meme.

  • What exactly do you mean by “decentralised”?

Dogecoin is not controlled by any one firm or individual. In terms of technicality, it functions following rules that are agreed upon by consensus, not set by a owner or founder.

  • What exactly do you mean by “cryptocurrency”?

It is type of digital currency that is protected by cryptography, as opposed to traditional (fiat) currency where they are protected by a central bank or a government.

OK, so what is it mean?

This means that you don’t have the confidence of any central organization or individual in the same way as you would with a bank however, you must act as your personal bank. The developers cannot take over your money, but they can’t also return them if they send them to an address that isn’t correct.

  • Who is the person who runs Dogecoin?

Nobody, or everyone, does equally, based on what you think about it. The developers are able to make new software available, but the community has to decide to make use of the software. The community does not only include users, but also exchanges, miners and payment processors, and so on. The community typically adopts the latest software that we make available because we have a proven history, but there’s not a special privilege we’re granted.

  • I have sent my Dogecoin to the wrong address or I have sent Dogecoin to the correct address, expecting to receive goods or a cash payment but haven’t received anything – can help me in either situation?

Sadly, no in both cases. Like we said, Dogecoin is a decentralized project, meaning that the developers working on the project don’t have specific access or ability for reversed transactions and to recover funds. If you think you’ve been misled or cheated during a transaction that involved Dogecoin, it is recommended that you check with the appropriate authorities with respect to the partiesinvolved, exchanges wallets, exchanges, or other services you used.

  • Do you have the ability to reset my two-factor authentication?

We do not operate one of these services. If you have any issues with the service you access, and you should get in touch with the service you are interested in.

  • I’ve lost my wallet/private keys What do I do?

In many cases , we discover individuals have backups they’ve never thought about. Hence, checking older systems or thumb drives to find copies is a good idea. If the keys are lost, it is impossible to retrieve the keys. Make sure to backup your keys frequently.

  • How do I use/accept Dogecoin?

We do not have the resources to verify service providers, so avoid making recommendations ourselves, but there is a list of both shops and payment processors at https://spendyourdogecoins.cf/.

  • Do you want to know about my business concept?

We’re an open source development, but not a company Therefore, we don’t thank you.

  • Would you like to have paid advertisements?

We’re an open source initiative, and not an company Therefore, we don’t thank you.

  • Who can I talk to regarding selling Dogecoin?

We do not require permission to publish Dogecoin on your website. If you need business information to license, you must be aware that we are not a company and do not have a registered legal company or address. If this is a problem take a look at who you might discuss listing Bitcoin.