DM Full Form: What Does It Mean?

What Is The Meaning Of DM?

The Meaning Of DM,

The full meaning for DM can be described as Direct Message. DM could be a social media term that allows private messages between members of social networks.

The District Collector, also known by the name of District Magistrate (DM) is the head of the district administration of the bureaucracy within an Indian state. India. The District Magistrate is also responsible for the upkeep in order and law within his district. Magistrate is derived of the Middle English word magistrate, which means “civil officer in charge of administrating laws”.

The DM full title can be referred to as District Magistrate. This position is also known by the name District Collector. Candidates must successfully pass the first Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT) in the wake of that exam for civil service conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. The candidate is required to read the book in terms of general knowledge such as history, constitution and disaster management, among others.

Abbreviation Of District Magistrate.

What Is The Abbreviation Of District Magistrate?

The Abbreviation Of District Magistrate Of DM.

District= D

Magistrate= M

DM in District Magistrate?

DM office form in full includes District Magistrate. Candidates who are hoping to be a DM will need to appear in the IAS examination (i.e., UPSC Exam) and be ranked among the top 100 students. If the candidate is able to achieve an upper rank on the UPSC official government Exam and passes the exam, they can be a politician in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).


  • The maximum age limit for CSE Exam lies between 21 to 32.
  • Age limit varies depending on caste categories.
  • OBC maximum age limit is 35.
  • The SC/ST age limit is 37 years old.
  • For Disabled defense personnel applicants the age limit to attempt is 35 .
  • If you are a candidate who is ex-servicemen, their maximum age is 37.
  • For people with an economic handicap or a benchmark section The upper age limit is 42.

Name of Examination: Civil Services Exam

Steps to Exam Prelims, Mains, Personal interview

Conducting Body: Union Public Service Comm.

Different types of DM:

They are the complete form of DM in different categories . They are provided below. They are popular words that are often used in your everyday day life.

  • District Magistrate District Magistrate DM Full Form for Police is is a prestigious post in the government , often referred to as District Collector. For this position, candidates must pass an aptitude exam for civil servants as well as the civil service test. For these exams, the candidate will need to know general information of the constitution, history, and history disaster management, and much more.
  • Differentiate Merits:Being prominent can be a positive thingbecause it implies excellent behavior, a sharp appearance and an excellent appearance.reputation for the person. The majority of people who are distinguished are older. People who are distinguished are educated, skilled and professional, and usually are well-dressed andhave an impressive reputation.reputation to meet.
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  • Drink Mixer This is a type of device used to create juice or mix some other thing together. It works by using electricity.
  • Debit Margin The term refers to a margin that is offered by the banks account to the card holder card, up to a certain amount the cardholder of the debit card can withdraw funds from the account. This margin is known as debit margin.
  • The deputy manager A deputy manager is accountable the overall manager of the company and is responsible for supporting with management of themanagement procedures and operational procedures. The duties of a deputy manager vary based on the company, however there are times when you have to deal with the budgeting process and distribution the budgeted money. Deputy Managers typically work with or support the head (GM). They assume the duties their duties when GM isn’t present and are able to share their responsibility. They aid to inspire staff, manage administrative tasks, monitor the employees’ performance, and complete human resource functions such as hiring and evaluating staff performance.
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  • Document Management Document management frequently referred to in the context of document Management Systems (DMS), is the process of using computers and software allows you to organize, store and track electronic documents as well as electronic images of information that is printed through the use of scanners for documents in the system.
  • Digital Meter Digital meters, which is also known”smart meters” or “smart meters” or “advanced meters,” are devices that record automatically the use of water and electricity in a particular house or dwelling, and then electronically send that information to the electric company on a regular basis. They provide data that is secure to track the highest usage and also to isolate outages.
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  • deficient material Let me look at the number of ways thematerials are typically “defective.” Defective means notjust missing something, but it may also mean that the an incorrect material was chosen at the start of the project and then utilized in a way that is not appropriate for an application.

Other DM Meaning

Full Form Category
Diabetes Mellitus Diseases & Conditions
drogerie markt
[drug store]
Companies & Corporations
Dry Matter Units
Dominica Countries & TLD
District Magistrate Titles
Disaster Management Hospitals
Deutsche Mark Currencies
Doctorate of Medicine Academic Degrees
decimetre Units
Dystrophia Myotonica Diseases & Conditions
Doctor of Management Academic Degrees
Disease Management Diseases & Conditions
Drosophila Melanogaster Physiology
Data Mining General Computing
Data Management Ocean Science
Direct Marketing General Business
Direct Mail General Business
Decreto Ministeriale Italian
Digital Media Hardware
Dipole Moment Chemistry
Doesn’t Matter Chat
Decision Maker Occupation & Positions
Dungeon Master Occupation & Positions
Death Metal Music
DermatoMyositis Physiology
Myotonic Dystrophy Human Genome
Data Manipulation General Computing
Distributed Memory Hardware
Death Match Sports
Data Model Databases
Dark Matter Astronomy
Draw More Assembly
Data Missing Databases

FAQs Related:

1. What’s thefull format of DM in WhatsApp ?

The DM signifies a direct message on WhatsApp between two people and users on WhatsApp Additionally, WhatsApp offers the option to send a text message privately.

2. How do I find the exact version of DP in English?

The DP complete form is Display image. The full form of DM is Direct Message. DM is a term used in the field of social media allows private messages between members of a social media network. Direct Message (DM) may be used to communicate for many social media apps and is visible only to the sender as well as the recipient(s). The term is widely used on social media sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. On Twitter, Twitter website (a free social media tool), DM is shortfor direct messages. It’s not uncommon to send tweet (Twitter update) to someone who you follow. You can be able to view DMs in the Messages tab on your profile. You may also want to receive notifications via email of the most recentmessages.

3. What’s the pay of District Magistrate?

The median salary for district magistrates in a month is between 50 and 1.5 lakh.

4. Who is more powerful? IAS than DM?

IAS DM full form IAS DM full form, IAS along with DM are both powerful and responsible posts. However, IAS is more effective as an DM. IAS and IAS are accountable to the department, but DM is accountable to the district.

5. DM in the public service?

DM officer’s full format is District Magistrate.

6. What is the complete version for DM SP and SP?

IAS-Indian Administrative services. DM-District magistrate. IPS-Indian police service. IFS-Indian foreign service.

7. Are DM and Collector the same thing?

The collector may also be called magistrate, and in certain districts, they are known as deputy commissioner. Therefore, both district collectors and district magistrates or deputy commissioners are one in the same. District collectors are an official of the Indian administrative service, and is appointment is made by the state government.

8. Who is the DM of India?

DM-Profile. Name:-Shri Abhishek Prakash (I.A.S.)

9. Who can be suspended DM?

No. A district collector can’t suspend even a constable when the police commander(read the sp/ssp) from the district isn’t in agreement. A DM/Dc is able to suspend any officer of class 3 of any department within his district, excluding police officers and that’s why the position of SP is so crucial.

10. What is the job of the DM?

DM is the sole person accountable for the maintenance of law and order in the state. He also has the power to call for any necessary action , in accordance in the Criminal Procedure Code. The judicial function and responsibility of the DM have been severely diminished due to the dispersion of authority between the judiciary and the executive.

Who is the very first DM from India?

Romesh Chandra Dutt

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