4 Reasons Why PDF Files Get Corrupted and Ways on How to Repair

As technology continues to process and everything becomes digital, documents are starting to move into cyberspace. Nowadays, we now commonly use documents made through our computers and even mobile devices than the ones made manually or using a typewriter. Even today, the use of printed documents is slowly becoming obsolete. But similar to physical documents, documents in the digital world would also experience some difficulties working, often because the file becomes corrupted. And just like a physical document that got wet, burnt, or even torn apart, it’s difficult or even impossible to make use of corrupted digital documents, including PDF files. 

But corrupted PDF files don’t just come out of nowhere. There are reasons why PDF files can get corrupted and therefore not function as expected. This article will further explain the reasons why you would need to repair your PDF file when it gets corrupted. 

Downloading Error

One of the many reasons why you would need to repair PDF once it gets corrupted is because the file did not download properly on your mobile device or computer. Errors in downloading the file interrupt the process, which often results in a partially downloaded PDF file. These partially downloaded PDF files tend to be corrupted so they would not open. In some devices, if something interrupts the internet connection and causes it to be unstable, the file would either pause downloading or the downloading process will fail altogether. Interruption in the Internet connection often causes these errors in downloading the file, which makes it unusable. Several factors could cause the Internet connection to be unstable. But an unstable Internet connection will prevent your file from downloading properly. So before you start downloading files on your computer or mobile device, make sure first that you have a stable and working Internet connection. 

Viruses And Other Forms of Malware

Another common reason why PDF files do not work properly has to do with viruses and other forms of malware present on either the file or on your mobile device/computer. This issue mostly happens with people who use computers, but it could happen to smartphone users as well. To start, viruses negatively affect a computer and it could cause the device to not work properly. There are also many viruses out there that attack files and render them unusable. Viruses have the ability to overwrite or modify a PDF, so if your computer is infected by viruses, there is a huge chance that it could suddenly overwrite your files. Once this happens, your PDF files will become corrupted to the point that it becomes useless. This issue usually happens with people who frequently use external drives or the Internet to download and share files. The best way to prevent this from happening is to download Anti-Virus software on your computer or even on your mobile device. If possible, refrain from using untrusted sources like websites or external drives when it comes to sharing and downloading files. 

Errors in the File Sharing Process

This factor is related to the first one (downloading errors) since an unstable Internet connection could also cause this to happen. To further explain this, PDF files are one of the most commonly used file formats for file sharing, alongside MP3, MP4, and image formats like JPG and PNG. People use various methods for sharing files, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi direct. But they also use social media, Cloud-based storage services (such as Google Drive or Dropbox), and other third-party apps for sharing these types of files. In the case of social media, third-party apps, and Cloud-based storage software, they often require a stable Internet connection before you could use them. 

Now, there will be instances when during the file-sharing process, the Internet connection becomes interrupted due to various reasons (power outages, problems with the service provider) that the recipient of the file ends up receiving a damaged or a corrupted PDF file. In some instances, the file-sharing process will pause or even fail if the Internet connection becomes unstable. But if you ever experience this issue and you receive a corrupted or damaged PDF file, make sure that you and the sender have a stable Internet connection before sharing files especially if you are using social media, Cloud-based storage software, or other third-party apps for the process. 

Hard Disk Problems In Your Computer

One factor that could cause PDF files to become corrupted as well as the hard disk on your computer. Certain problems such as sudden power failures, missing or fading sectors in the disk itself, system errors, and viruses could cause problems in your hard disk. Once your hard disk becomes faulty, some bits of data will be lost from your files, which includes your PDF documents. And if this issue occurs, your PDF document becomes corrupted and unusable. Even if there is a minor crash on your hard disk, it could still cause problems in your PDF file especially if the bits of data that got lost after the crash were from your PDF files. In some instances, you could even lose your PDF file entirely after a certain issue or error with your hard disk. The only way to resolve this issue is to make sure that your hard disk is working properly and has no issues at all. 


It’s surely a bummer when PDF files get corrupted for some reason. From errors in downloading the file to viruses and other malware present in your computer or mobile device, PDF files could get corrupted and become useless just like a wet document. But if you can save a wet paper document by drying it, we can also attempt to save a corrupted PDF file by repairing it. But for some people, repairing a PDF file seems harder than hanging a paper document dry. Luckily, there is a website that allows you to repair corrupted PDF files quickly, securely, and conveniently.

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