Unusual Yet Important Cricket Betting Tips

It is clear to say, India is a cricket crazy. Since online cricket betting is now becoming more accessible than ever, it will be a great idea to refresh your cricket betting knowledge not to get caught out. And once you have refined, proven, and practical cbtf cricket betting tips to help you bet, you can be sure about performing well. After all, betting is not just about a specific player’s performance but also about the place, pitch, timing, climate, and whatnot!

Kinds of cricket bets you should know

There are numerous different types of bets that you can place on Cricket. Have a quick look at a few of the kinds here:

–         Innings Runs

–         Money Line (Match Winner)

–         Highest Individual Score

–         Top Bowler

–         Highest Opening Partnership

–         Top Batsman

It is up to you what you choose for your betting endeavours. You can try all different types of cricket betting but go slow. Be wise, make a move sensibly and ensure you know what you are doing.

Right cricket betting strategy is crucial.

When you work at your office, you have a plan and a strategy in mind. Why don’t you pay attention to a system when you bet too? You have no idea how your betting can become winsome.

Money line 

Just predict the winner of the match. There are two possible outcomes in restricted overs matches; either side of the game can win; however, a third likely result of a draw in Test matches. Remember that if you bet on a series, its outcome can be similar to the above. In case you bet on Test matches, it is worth considering that draws turn out to be less probable because of ever-enhancing run rates. Also, it would help if you kept in mind that inclement weather or even the pitch condition is more likely to impact positive results presently.

Inning runs

An innings is a set duration in a cricket match. During this time, one team is batting, and the other is simply bowling. In test matches, every single team characteristically bats for minimum two innings but the number of runs that get scored and wickets consumed can command that this is not always the instance. In restricted over matches like T20 or One Day Cricket, every single team gets just one innings to bat.

The Duckworth–Lewis–Stern method or even known as DLS is a mathematical preparation designed to calculate the target score (number of runs required to win) for the cricket team batting second in a restricted overs cricket match episodic by weather or other prompt situations.

In case DLS is called into play and the runs for one of the teams get reduced, the market is going to get valid for settlement. In the realm of One Day matches, bets are going to be void if the interference of rain or any other delay ends up in the number of overs getting reduced by five or more from the initially scheduled. It is unless the market is already decided. However, remember that for the T20 matches, bets are going to be void in case the intervention of rain or any other sort of delay concludes in the number of overs getting reduced by three or more from the formally scheduled and when bets remained struck, if the market is already decided.

Find out the Game Format

The three prime formats of Cricket are Tests, Odis and even t20s. Though the values behind this game may stay constant; diverse cricket teams or players specialize in specific types relying on what kind it is that they are playing – with some staying more appropriate than others. Some players are more probable to perform better in a particular format.

Bet on an Underdog

Always try to bet on the underdog. This can appear to be counterintuitive, but it is actually one of the perfect ways to make money from cricket betting. The reason for such a thing is that the odds are mostly loaded against the underdog, which means that by chance they win, you prove to make an extensive money.

As an example, in a cricket match between Afghanistan and England, Afghanistan is the apparent underdog. Once you decide to bet on them and they win the match, you are going to stand to make an impressive chunk of money. Not to miss that even though teams like Afghanistan is a comparatively new team, they have somewhat afforded to make loud echoes in the world of Cricket. Hence, the point is you can choose the underdog team when you are betting.

Acquire the game knowledge

To bet successfully and in an effective manner, punters must know more about teams and players. They can either rewatch previous matches or simply read up on the different news platforms about their preparation before betting in the any game. The point is, there is no shortcut or conjectures in the realm of betting. Even if you win a bet out of your luck once, it might not happen every time. But if you have acquired proper knowledge about the game and how bets can be placed at the right time; you can be definite about making better moves.

It is always great practice to dig into the latest cricket news. You need to understand and know about Cricket to bet on Cricket. You cannot simply play bets on feelings; you must be analytical. Get to know the recent performances of the teams and player’s so you can boost your chances of winning cricket bets. In the present-day time, there are a lot of instruments and sites that get you detailed statistics of players as well as teams. Hence, ensure you make use of them.


Cricket betting can become much fun and can even turn out to be profitable for you if you follow the tips. It is time that you set your budget and start your betting expeditions wisely. It is not about who is right and wrong; it is about who is right at the right moment.

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