Basics of cricket and types of cricket

Cricket is England’s national summer sport. It’s played worldwide, especially in Australia, India, and Pakistan. Latest cricketing news makes you aware about what is happening around cricket.

Two teams of eleven players play cricket with a bat or ball. The oval-shaped field has a rectangular area in its middle known as the pitch. It measures 22 yards (20.12 meters) by 10 feet (3.04m) wide. At each end of the pitch, there are two sets of three sticks called wickets. The bails are horizontal pieces that run across the top of each wicket. Each side takes turns to bat and pitch. Here you will get to know the latest cricketing news and some techniques.  Each turn is known as an “inning”. Depending on the duration of the match, each side has one to two innings.

Scoring runs

The batting team must score as many runs as possible by hitting the ball and have to run towards the opposite end of the pitch. One run is scored if the batsman can successfully reach the opposite end of the pitch. He scores 2-runs if he can reach the opposite end of the pitch, and then he returns.

He scores 4-runs if he hits it to the edge. He scores 6-runs if he hits the ball straight to the edge of the field.

The batsman may continue to bat until he’s ‘out’; then, he’ll be replaced by his next partner.

Sometimes, the first batter is always out and scores 100-200 runs.

2-batsmen run after hitting the ball.


There are many types of bowlers. Some bowl fast and others slow down but still spin the ball. All bowlers must ensure that the ball bounces once before it reaches the batsman. It is very different from baseball, where the ball does not bounce between pitchers and hitters.

Fast bowler’s action in bowling.

Cricket is a highly tactical sport. The captain of the fielding team will adjust the position of his fielders depending upon the type and ability of the bowler or batsman.

Out Rules:

There are many ways that batsmen can be removed. Here are some examples:

  • Catch: The ball is hit by the player and a fielder captures it.
  • Bowled The bowler hits the batsman with the ball.
  • (Leg Before wicket): The bowler hits the batsman with the ball, and the legs block the ball from hitting the stumps.
  • Run out The batsmen attempt to run but the fielding team throws the ball and hits the stumps before they are safe.
  • The wicket is where the batsman hits his stumps using his body, equipment, or clothing.

Know More About Cricket

Cricket was born out of many stick-and-ball games that were played in England 500+ years ago under different rules. Bat is an old English term that simply refers to a stick or club. Cricket was a well-known game by the seventeenth century. It was also popular enough that people were fined for playing it on Sundays instead of going to church. Bats looked a lot like hockey sticks up until the middle of the eighteenth century.

They curved outwards at their bottom. This was because the ball was bowled underneath the arm, along the ground and the curve at its end gave the batsman the best chance of making contact. History is the study of how cricket evolved from a village game in England to a modern game in big cities.

Sport is an integral part of modern life. It is how we entertain ourselves, compete with one another, keep fit, and show our social loyalty. Understandably, tens of thousands of Indians would drop everything to see the Indian team play in a Test match or an international.

History of India should also explore how the stick-and-ball game, which was invented in south-eastern England, became the dominant passion of the Indian subcontinent. This is especially true because the game was closely linked to colonialism’s wider history and was influenced by religion and caste politics. Cricket’s history is a fascinating one.

The object is to score as many runs as possible. The bowlers aim to hit the wicket with their straight arms by delivering the ball. This is one way the batsman can be dismissed or out. The bowler bowls six balls at one wicket. After completing an over then another player bowls six runs to the opposite wicket. The batting team defends its wicket. As in baseball, one team “bats” while the other fields.

In cricket, however, the batting team bats in pairs and continues batting until the eleven team members are out.

The fielding team must continue to field until all 10-members of the batting team are deemed out. There is only one remaining batter – there are no pairs.

Cricket is divided into Overs and Innings. Six balls make up an ‘over’. The bowler must change after 6-balls have been bowled. While anyone can bowl, most fielding teams have at least 4 to 5 specialist bowlers and 5 to 6 specialist batsmen.

Forms of cricket

  • Test Cricket: The longest form of cricket played over five days.
  • One Day Cricket: It is a form of cricket where each team plays for no more than 50 overs.
  • T20 Cricket: A fast-paced, limited-over cricket match that lasts 20 overs each side.
  • Indoor Cricket: Indoor cricket is a modified version.
  • Blind Cricket: A modified version of cricket that blind athletes can play with a bigger ball and bells inside.
  • Backyard cricket: An informal form of cricket that is played in backyards or on streets.

Similar Sports

  • Kilikiti: It is a traditional Samoan/Tuvalu sport that’s similar to cricket. Vigoro is an Australian sport that mixes elements of Cricket with Baseball. It is mainly played by women. It is played on a shorter pitch than cricket and uses a bat that has a long handle, like a paddle.
  • Stoolball: A team sport played on a circle grass field. It may have been the precursor of baseball and cricket. Danish Longball is a bat-and-ball game that was developed in Denmark. It’s a mix of cricket and baseball.
  • Fricket: A ‘two-on-two’ flying disc game. Also known as cups, suzy sticks, disc cricket and crispy wickets.
  • Bat-and-Trap: It is an old English bat-and-ball game in which a ball is projected from a trap using a bat and hit between two posts at 21 feet.
  • Gilli-Danda: It is a South Asian game that involves two sticks. The long stick is used for striking the shorter one in midair.

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