POP Full Form: What Does ‘POP’ Stand For?

What is “POP” means?

Plaster of Paris (POP) is a fine white powder created from gypsum through heat treatment of the mineral gypsum. When gypsum is heated up to around 150 degrees Celsius, it loses water and creates the powder, known as plaster of Paris. After adding water to the Paris powder, it is rehydrated (absorbs it up) and rapidly hardens. It is utilized in sculpture to make casting molds and moulds.

What Is The Meaning Of POP?

The Meaning Of POP,

  • POP inside building materials –

“Plaster of Paris (POP) could be a fine white powder composed of gypsum, by warming the mineral, gypsum. When gypsum gets heated to approximately 150 degrees Celsius, it evaporates water and creates the powder known as the plaster of Paris. If water gets added to the Paris powder, it absorbs water, and it quickly sets. It’s used for sculpture by making molds and castings.

  • Post Office Protocol

The full form of POP is Post Office Protocol. it is used to access e-mails from an email server. The majority of e-mail programs use it to retrieve e-mail from a POP protocol, whereas others can utilize the more recent IMAP.

  • POP in Banking-

Point Of Purchase

What Is The Full Form Of POP?

The Full Form Of POP is Plaster Of Paris.

P= Plaster

O= Of

P= Paris.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the exact version that is POP used in Building Materials?

The full version of POP can be described as POP, which is a form of Plaster. Paris

2. What are the complete kinds of POP in Academic & Science?

Plaster of Paris | Package-on-Package

3. What are the complete varieties that are available for POP within Worldwide?

Plaster of Paris | Point of Presence | Point of Purchase | Post Office Protocol | Package-on-Package | Persistent Organic Pollutants | Prince of Persia | Public Offering Price | Pokemon Organized Play

4. What’s the exact significance of the pop ceiling?


The term SUSPENDED CEILING, as the name suggests, could be a sort of ceiling that’s modified from a timber structure just beneath the roof’s level.

5. What is pop science?

The term “popular science” is used to describe the concept of science that is intended for the general public. While science journalism concentrates on the latest scientific advancements and advances, popular science has a broader scope. It’s likely to be written by experienced scientists or science journalists themselves.

6. What is Pop mean in the banking industry?

Point of Purchase – POP.

7.Why does pop get used?

Plaster of Paris (POP) is an artifact that has Gypsum as the main ingredient. It is used to coat ceilings and walls as well as for the creation of architectural designs. Benefits for Plaster from Paris It is light in weight and is more durable.

8. How strong is the plaster from Paris?

Plaster of Paris is a soft mineral however it’s typically quite sturdy when employed as a casting. According to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness with diamond at 1 and talc being 10 Plaster of Paris could be a 2. This allows that it can be polished cut, and even damaged.

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