Love Full Form: What is the Full Form of Love?


“Love” is not an acronym, therefore it doesn’t contain any form.

The feeling of love is among the strongest emotions humans experience. It’s a mix of emotions thoughts, states and emotions that span from love for friends to happiness. It can be described as an intense sense of love that has no boundaries or requirements for a person. The early Greeks identified the various kinds of love by using seven words:

  • Storage: Natural Affection
  • Eros: Sexual or Erotica
  • Ludus: Flirting
  • Philia: Friendship
  • Agape: Unconditional or Divine Love
  • Philautia: Self Love
  • Pragma: Committed, Married Love

Love isn’t a full form, however people can create their own unique complete forms.

What Is The Meaning Of LOVE?

The Meaning Of LOVE,

Love is among the most intense emotions we feel as human beings. It’s an increase in various emotions or states of mind and behaviors which range from love for friends to joy.

For instance:

A person’s name that loves their mommy.

For food: i love Pav Bhaji.

For a device: I love my mobile

Nature: I love flowers.

Technology: I am a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy films.

What Is The Abbreviation Of LOVE?

The Abbreviation Of LOVE Is

It’s not an acronym, so it doesn’t come in a complete form.

It is typically defined as the intense love that is felt that is without limit or restrictions on the part of an individual. The traditional Greeks define the different types of affection with seven words:

Storage: Natural Affection

Eros: Sexual or Erotica

Ludus: Flirting

Philia: Friendship

Agape: Unconditional or Divine Love

Philautia: Self Love

Pragma: Committed, Married Love

There are different definitions of love for different people in various scenarios. For instance, for mothers is different, and for wives and children It’s different. Thus, love and affection are usually an individual perspective for different individuals.

Some Full Form Of LOVE?

The Full Form Of LOVE is

Love isn’t a full form, but people make their own various full forms. Some of them are as follows:


L: Life’s

O: Only

V: Valuable

E: Emotion

LOVE Full Form


L: Long Lasting

O: Original

V: Valuable

E: Emotion


L: Lack

O: Of

V: Valuable

E: Education


L: Land of Sorrow

O: Ocean of Tears

V: Valley of Death

E: End of Life


L: Loss

O: Of

V: Valuable

E: Energy


L: Life

O: Of

V: Very

E Person

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is true love actually signifies?

True love implies that you and your partner have your own group of friends you enjoy spending time with. True love doesn’t require having every moment of the day with your partner; it’s about being secure enough to feel that you do not be irritable or naive when your spouse is spending time with their buddies.

2. Can true love die?

However, love isn’t a part of their body. … Once you’ve have found it, the love of your life, it will remain for ever in the heart of your soul. But that doesn’t mean that you need to have a relationship with only one. There are plenty of people who feel true love just a few years later and feel it.

3. What’s the experience of love that is real?

True love is the act of doing something for someone else and not expecting reciprocity. True love is unconditional respect and support in every struggle, both between ups and downs. True love could be a couple of biracial origins working hard in spite of their ignorant extended family. True love is honest and forgiveness, trust, and an openness.

4. What can I do to find out if I’m truly engaged?

You begin to feel a sense of compassion towards your companion.

If you’re insane You begin to view your spouse as a reflection of you and, therefore, if they’re upset or anxious about something, such as being accepted to a school or program that they’ve always dreamed of You’ll experience the same emotions as them.

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