Penn Jillette Weight Loss, Reveal his Secret to be fit

Penn Jillette Weight loss : Penn Jillette is an American magician also known for his acting and music skills. He used to be an atheist when he was a teenager. But it is difficult to find what makes him so strong.

Because he has able to lose over 100 pounds of weight in just three months of periods. It is not that he has no simple way to do so. But he chose the most difficult one.

Penn Jillette Weight Loss, Reveal his Secret to be fit

Also, conditions were so adverse for him that he can act like a professional and can make easy changes in his diet plan. But not only he chose the most difficult method but also able to successfully implement it. Let’s start his journey of incredible weight loss.

Penn Jillette diet plan

Penn Jillette lost 100 pounds of weight in just 83days. Do you want to know the diet plan he chose for this weight loss? He was on a potato diet throughout his diet plan.

Now some medical experts don’t even consider it a diet plan. Because they think that does not provide you complete nutrition. And might disturb hormonal activities in the body.

But Penn Jillette proved them wrong and now people are considering it as the fastest method for weight loss. Penn Jillette is 322 pounds and his doctor was saying that you need to control your diet otherwise you have very little time left with you.

After that advice, Penn got serious about his food habits. The doctor wants him to lose weight as fast as possible. So, he did it through a potato diet.


Penn Jillette mindset

He was continuously on potatoes for compile two weeks. He thinks that if you are ready to make changes in your body then nothing can stop you from doing so. Your decisions make you do things consciously and by the time it becomes your habit.

Once you can change your objectives into a habit then you will follow them as your routine. It is as simple as that. He focuses more on the habits. He believes that your habits make things done. You need not always use your will power to get the things done.

This process has many good advantages. First, you need to be consistent with them only in the early stages and the second thing is it will boost your confidence in living to the new level.

The transformation that you made in life makes your mindset flexible so that you can able to fit into any aspect of your life. Your attitude towards things changes. Your speed of doing work gets to improve and your ability to think get improve. You no longer remain an old guy.

Penn believes that this way could be a difficult one but it will bring you thousands of benefits and changes in your life. He believes that this diet may affect his hormonal balance but he takes a chance and mold his body into that diet plan and the results are fascinating.

Does Penn Jilette love to eat a potato?

Quitting the meals at this age and putting yourself on the potato diet is not an easy task. Tasks become harsher if you don’t like potatoes. It is not that Penn loves to eat potatoes thus he shifts himself on that.

However, he did it because he wants to change and get rid of that extra fat. When he starts craving something other than potato then he starts thinking about their results.

How Penn Jillette can follow his diet plan

He can distinguish what is good and what is bad for him. That’s how he able to make this habit of eating potatoes. When asked about this diet plan, he says that it is not a difficult task for me now to make a good habit. At the start, my willpower takes control over my mind, and by the time I get habited to that activity.

The only thing here that we should take care of is we should not give excuses to our minds. You need to stay with your decisions until your body responds negatively. And believe me, your power of soul will help you to make everything correct.

The major change that occurs in Penn’s life due to the potato diet is that now he doesn’t like things like pizza or alcohol anymore. After three months of potato diet when he starts to eat normal food then automatically his mind stops craving unhealthy foods. This was like absolute magic, which has been done in the life of this magician.

Penn Jillette secret of diet

When you eat healthy food to live a healthy life then your body starts giving a signal to your body and your mind gets conscious about your health and stops the secretion of dopamine for unhealthy food & start drinking coffee.

Thus after this habit even if you are eating unhealthy food then your body will no longer get happy about it. And your taste for these foods gets change.

You start to differentiate between good and bad foods. Penn told that when he finished with his diet plan he doesn’t even like food that was his favorite in the past.
Hope that you get the whole idea about habits and way of functioning of your mind.