5 Movies Rummy Players Should Watch in Their Lifetime

5 Movies Rummy Players Should Watch in Their Lifetime

Card games have been enjoyed for decades by people all over the world. The games have also been a part of the show business and drawn in huge crowds at cinema halls. Ard games over the years have gotten widely popular due to this over the years.

If you fancy a game of Rummy, well, there are not any live tournaments offline you can head to straight away. You can choose to play online Rummy games to get the best experience and easily accessible entertainment. The app features the perfect set of rules and guides that will set you up with the game in absolutely no time, and you will be able to match with players of your skill and play long hours of Rummy with them.

The list below makes a perfect selection of the best movies that revolve around card games and demand a watch from rummy enthusiasts at least once in their lifetime.


A teacher assembles a group of brilliant students and introduces them to card games that could make them fortunes at the casino. The movie circles around how getting into MIT can be a tough nut to crack, but ungodly talents at reading numbers can get you all the money you will ever need. The film begins with the teacher helping them learn how to count cards and become associated with various signals to make their chances of winning good money solid.

Things get a bit haywire when the lead protagonist Ben changes his stance by the way things turn out on the upside for him and his dream of getting the scholarship, gets trampled by his desire to get more from the rounds at the casinos.

The movie gives people the perfect thrill that you get from playing a game of Rummy packed with equally adrenaline-injected, edge-of-the-seat sequences. The story is very gripping and gives you a sense of participation in the swift interchanges between the scenes. No spoilers will be discussed here, but it will give you a boost if you are a devoted card player. It is a must-watch for Rummy players and stands as one of the few good movies based on card games.

Teen Patti

This Bollywood movie on card games stars the very ‘Shahenshah’ of Bollywood himself, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. The game revolves around Mr. Bachchan playing the role of a mathematician struggling with his life. He has a bunch of theories regarding his subject but has not been able to prove himself quite well to his colleagues or the people. The movie is directed by Leena Yadav and stars the international star Ben Kingsley. Amitabh Bachchan is doing research in the movie and writing a thesis on it and therefore seeks to apply his knowledge to card games. Teen Patti becomes the game of his choice, and the story revolves around how he goes around experimenting with live players of the game. The lengths he goes to get his work approved are admirable, and the twists and turns that he sees through his expeditions are fun and interesting to watch.

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid is a must-watch for all sorts of card players due to the sheer amount of drama and passion present for card-playing incorporated into the movie. Shot and released in 1965, this American drama tells the story of Eric’ The Kid’ Stoner, a poker player of the most professional level. Throughout the movie, Eric seeks to increase his reputation as a poker player and goes through many challenges and hurdles that he encounters in the game. Eric pushes himself through various tough spots in the game and lands in a challenge with Lancey, ‘ the main’ Howard, who is vastly experienced and the topmost Poker player in the movie. The best part of the movie and a treat for fans of card games is the very end, where you get to witness the showdown between these two players. The showdown displays the best aspects of the game of Poker, and the film ends by talking over various aspects of love, loss, hardship, and eventually success. The film is a masterpiece, and Rummy players will love to see it.

Casino Royale (2006)

Well, what is better than super-spy playing cards, right? This movie is a classic, and everybody knows it regardless of whether they like card games. This one involving Daniel Craig gives it more of an edge as he has upped the ‘007’ game more than the previous contenders. The story revolves around Le Chiffre, a notorious mobster being tracked down by 007. Le Chiffre has masterfully plotted to win a high-stakes poker tournament to fund and finance several terrorist organizations with the winnings. The film has considerable action for the lover of action movies, and the cinematographers have quite aesthetically captured the poker tournaments that occur in the movie, making it a must-watch.

Molly’s Game

Directed by the famous Aaron Sorkin, Molly’s Game is a movie based on the life of Molly, an Olympic class skier who orchestrates a poker tournament for world-class athletes, celebrities, business tycoons, and even the Russian mob. Her antics make her the target of an ongoing investigation by the FBI, which is trying to find out what she is upto. In all of this, her ally turns out to be Charlie Jaffey, a criminal defense lawyer, yet even he is taken aback when he learns that Molly has not been completely honest with him. The twists and turns in the movie shrouded with the bling from high society players make it an exciting watch. The movie introduces the wrong sides of the game and how people exploit it for their nefarious means. This game is definitive for rummy players and a prescribed watch.

These movies hit the right spot with the sort of content they deal with while showcasing card games as a part of a story. You are bound to get an adrenaline boost by the time you finish going through the list. The movies have interesting learnings that players of Rummy can learn and apply in their style of playing, which makes them all the more relevant in the world of modern cinema.