Kim Kardashian weight loss : Secret of Fat Burn Journey

Kim Kardashian weight loss: We all know that Kim Kardashian is the curvy queen of hearts. Everyone wants to know her diet plan. What kind of food she prefers the most. Either it is vegan or non-vegetarian. How she can manage to maintain a low carb diet for losing weight irrespective of her busy schedule. How much weight she has lost for her fabulous shape. Here we are going to discuss some secrets of her and let you know her mindset towards her diet program & Pills that she used. Few may know this but Kim Kardashian got Lasik eye surgery back in 2009 and has not regretted her decision. She still has perfect vision and can be catwalk ready without worrying about glasses or contact lenses.

Kim Kardashian weight loss

Kim’s diet plan: Kim Kardashian weight loss

Kim decided to follow the Atkins 40 diet which focuses on limited sugar and carb. Her diet contains nearly about 150gm of proteins with minimum fat content possible. She eats 1800 calories per day which are just perfect as per daily calorie count. For losing the weight she follows a ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet contains low carb and high-fat content and it is very similar to the Atkins diet. This kind of diet helps to burn the fat present in the body by increasing metabolism rates. Metabolism means the ability of the body to digest the food and convert it into usable forms. So that body can perform efficiently for regular tasks. This means the keto diet makes the body concentrate more on burning fat than digesting carbs. also Weight Loss pill Helps her to boost weight loss.


Kim is using the benefits of this simple concept instated of doing any fancy things or taking weight loss pills. Also, she prefers vegetarian diet plans and plant-based healthy foods for good hormonal balance. Plant-based foods are easy to digest. Thus you can avoid random eating by increasing food spans. Many time people asked her in interviews about her diet she said,” I live a healthy life and try to eat as possible as plant-based food and smoothies. I always make time for myself and ensure that keep my stress to a minimum.” of course she also has some cheat days and those include dessert-like ice-creams, etc.

Kim’s workout plan:

Healthy food is not only an option. You need to work much harder for looking fabulous like Kim. It is not that she hits the gym 5-6 days a week. But it is also true that she rarely misses her gym schedule. It is not that she does it under some pressure or under the fear of looking fat. Rather she feels so bad if she misses some workout sessions. She has a true passion to stay healthy and look fit. Of course, you cannot push yourself after a limit if you don’t want it so badly. Her gym trainer motivates her to follow her regular schedules. That how it works. She has recently dropped 20 pounds and feeling happy about it.


For those hot legs, Kim’s workout starts with lower body exercise. Her workout is decided by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. Work out includes Wide squats, Side lunges, Lunge & Twists, Curls, Skater lunges, abdominal crunches, Dumbbell, Rows, and Mountain Climbers.

She has molded these workouts in the circuit training form. More specifically she first completes one set of each exercise and then takes 1min of rest. Thus repeating each exercise 2-3 times makes this format a complete body workout. These High-Intensity training (HIIT) workouts are specially designed for an effective fat burning process. Kim says, “HIIT helps her to get back to normal weight quickly”. To cope up with these high-intensity workouts she eats carbs and small amounts of protein before starting workouts. She used to have 25-20 minutes of cardio before starting her workout. Instead of more repetition of the exercise, she focused on good formations of workouts. She believes that good forms make all the differences when it comes to having a great body.

Kim’s post-pregnancy schedule:

After giving birth to the second baby she has nearly lost 60 pounds of weight. Before losing this weight she doubted whether her body would ever be the same. It takes her 6 weeks to lose these 60 pounds weight. No doubt that she has a strong determination to accomplish this task. Some of us don’t know that a woman’s body gets weak after giving birth to the child. Thus you have to make step by step efforts to lose your weight without giving much stress to the body. Post-pregnancy workouts should be done under proper supervision. Keep in mind that doing only crunches doesn’t make any sense. You have to practice overall body workouts like yoga etc. Regular cardio exercise can be the best option for burning extra belly fat.


Kim doesn’t live a normal life, but she is still a woman with emotion and insecurities just like the rest of us. Thus she enjoys a lot on her vacations. She took these holidays not to just spend time with friends and family. But these gaps in schedules make her fresh and helps her to recover her energy levels.


Thus we can say that she is working hard to entertain her 189 million followers on Instagram.