How Can You Recover SD Card Data With Wondershare Recoverit?

People use SD cards to store mobile phone and laptop data because they have limited space, making data storage easy. Sometimes, random formatting and viruses corrupt the SD card data and frustrate the user. For this, Wondershare Recoverit helps you to restore and recover your lost data from your SD card with its advanced technology. This article gives you an overview of how to recover data from SD card and relocate it into a safe place.

Part 1: Recoverit SD Data Recovery Feature to Recover Deleted Files

Vloggers make a lot of videos of food and save them on SD cards for later use. In some abrupt situations, they eject the SD card containing saved files in an improper way. This improper ejection of SD erases the photographs and video from it and makes them feel anxious. However, they can easily recover this erased data from the SD card with the help of this data recovery tool. 

Users can retrieve lost data from all types of SD cards, including compact flash (CF) cards, microSD cards, and multimedia cards (MMC). It offers the user a deep and quick scanning option to restore all missing files. This scanning option makes it easy to locate and recover deleted files from the SD card. The tool supports the top SD card brands including Samsung, Nikon, Canon, and SanDisk to retrieve lost data.

Part 2: Complete Simplified Guide to Recover the Deleted Files from SD Card

People can recover data from the SD card regardless of what caused it. It has a user-friendly interface to help you restore the deleted file easily. Follow the steps given below to understand how to recover deleted files from an SD card is given below:

Step 1: Select the SD Card for Data Recovery

To recover the deleted file from the SD card, download and launch this data recovery software in your system. From the hard drives and location tab, select the required SD card connected to the computer. 

Step 2: Scan to Find the Lost SD Card File

After selecting the SD card from which you want to recover data, press the “Start” option to scan the lost files. Use the “Search” option to find the specific file you need. Once you find the desired file, stop or pause the scanning process.

Step 3: Recover and Save the Lost File 

Preview the file and click “Recover” to start the file recovery process. Next, Recoverit will prompt you to select the destination path to restore the recovered file. It is essential to remember not to keep the recovered file on the same SD card from which it gets lost.

Part 3: Other Key Features of the Wondershare Recoverit 

Other than the SD card recovery feature, Recoverit offers several other features to retrieve lost data from various storage devices. These key features make this tool versatile for recovering data from computers, NAS, Linux, and external or internal hard drives. Additionally, the key features of the tool to recover the data have been discussed below:

1. Excel Recovery 

Excel files are helpful for managing and organizing data to improve work productivity. Due to a sudden system crash while working, the Excel file remains unsaved, which can cause a loss of data. This recovery software can recover unsaved Excel files in XLS, XLT, XML, and many other formats. In addition to that, you can recover a previous version of an Excel file with this tool.

2. Linux Recovery

Users can restore deleted files from the Linux-operated server, desktop, or laptop with Recoverit. Furthermore, it supports the 500+ data loss scenario to recover data from the Linux-operated system. This software is compatible with 600+ active Linux distros regardless of their features. The Linux recovery feature allows you to recognize and recover different file formats.

3. USB Data Recovery  

Viruses and malware in the computer can affect the attached USB and corrupt its files. The USB data recovery feature of the tool enables you to repair this corrupted file and make it accessible. Other than that, it recovers files from popular USB brands such as Toshiba, Sony, PNY, and many others. 

4. Video Recovery

Unlike the other recovery tools, Recoverit recovers and repairs the corrupted video to make them playable. Moreover, you can recover the deeply hidden files that are not easily scannable with the deep scan option of the tool. This video recovery feature supports all video formats, including MP4, MKV, M4V, and many more.

Part 4: Reasons that Cause the Loss of Data from SD Card

We already discussed the steps to recover data from the SD card with the software’s advanced features. However, users should avoid the common reasons leading to losing important SD card data. Those reasons have been discussed below so you can consider them to prevent data loss.

  • Interruption During File Transfer: One of the reasons for data loss from the SD card is interruption during file transfer. So, this makes the files in the SD card corrupted or inaccessible for you.
  • Electrical Damage: A sudden power surge in your system can potentially corrupt the file of the attached SD card. Furthermore, transmitting excessive voltage during a power surge can erase the data of the SD card.
  • Improper Ejection: If you improperly remove the SD card from the camera, mobile, or laptop, it causes data loss. In addition to that, excessive use and rough handling of the SD card can lead to a permanent data loss situation.
  • Accidental Deletion: The user might delete essential videos or photos from the SD card while deleting unnecessary data. In this case, they lose the significant files or photos from the SD card.
  • Physical Damage: SD cards are susceptible to physical damage that can cause the corruption of their data. Additionally, water and fire are included in physical damage that affects the integrity of your SD card data.


In conclusion, you can recover the deleted files from the SD card with the help of this data recovery software. Additionally, Recoverit supports all brands and kinds of SD cards to recover lost data. First, there is a need to avoid the reasons that cause data loss; otherwise, use this SD data recovery tool to restore data. With the steps discussed above, you can use this tool to recover data from the SD card.

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