Tips on Buying Homes in Delhi and Pune

Are you thinking about buying a house for sale in Delhi? You may also be considering a Pune house for sale. These unique locations provide excellent housing opportunities for people looking to buy homes.

In case you’re thinking about buying a new piece of property, there are several factors that you should take into consideration first. Delhi and Pune are very different, and the factors you should consider when looking for properties in these two locations are very different.

Here is what you should know about buying property in Delhi and Pune.

What Should You Know About Buying House For Sale in Delhi?

Delhi is a cosmopolitan city where you can access nearly every amenity you can think of, to live a good life. That makes buying a house for sale in Delhi a great opportunity for any prospective homebuyer. Perhaps your home loan has already been approved, and you’re waiting to move into your new property. You may think that the transaction is done and sealed. Or maybe you’re waiting to sign the agreement between you and the builder.

What factors should you consider in a city like Delhi before investing in a house for sale in Delhi? Here are some factors that you should think about before you enter into any kind of agreement with the builder:

The Location

The location where your new home will be located is an important factor to consider. Your new home should be near markets as well as schools and hospitals. Take into consideration the amount of time it will take for you to access these amenities. You should be able to access these within a short amount of time.

The Community

Is the area where you’re looking to buy a house for sale in Delhi safe? The community should be one you feel safe with. The safety of your loved ones as well as your safety is important to consider. The community must have sufficient security. Especially for women who could be going home late at night from work or a night out.  The safety of the children is paramount as well and with so many crimes committed against children, you need to be sure that your kids will be safe.

The Property

What condition is the property in? Before investing in a house for sale in Delhi, consider inspecting the property first. Ensure that there is no leakage within the plumbing system. The electrical system should also be functioning properly. Check for cracks in any walls, as well as infestations of any kind. Check for mold and mildew as well. Ensure that all wooden accents are clean and polished. Remember, this may become your forever home, so scrutinizing every nook and cranny is vital.  It would be best to take down notes as you go around the home and list down your concerns so it’s better addressed with your realtor before you sign anything. 

The Price

When you enter into an agreement to buy a house for sale in Delhi, then in addition to the cost of the property, you’ll need to pay additional fees as well. This could include expenses related to water, utilities, parking space, as well as property tax. You may also have to pay registration charges for the property.

The Possession Date

In the agreement with the builder, you’ll find a tentative date for possession. Remember that there could still be some delays due to unforeseen circumstances. These usually don’t stretch beyond a few months. Should the project be delayed beyond a few months, consider asking for a rental clause to be put in your agreement. You may also want to find out about homeowner’s association fees, how much will it cost and the frequency of the payments. 

The Completion Certificate

When the builder hands you your new house for sale in Delhi, they should provide you with a completion certificate as well. This is a certificate that is issued by the city’s municipal administration, which states that the building is complying with the plan that was approved.

If the completed house you’re planning to buy was built between the 70s and 80s, the house could potentially be built using Poly B plumbing, and you have to check very carefully if that’s the case. This kind of plumbing has been identified to be problematic, and only several years after houses were built with this that the problems manifest. Typhoons, not even strong ones, caused extensive water damage to many homes since the plumbing is made of polybutylene, which is generally unsafe due to its weak properties. 

The Reputation of the Builder

Before you agree to hire a builder, do some research on what their reputation is. You can think about talking with homeowners who previously bought a property from your chosen builder. Consider opting for established builders who have a good reputation in order to ensure that you receive your property on time.

Where Should You Look For a House For Sale In Delhi?

The location you buy your house for sale in Delhi will affect how much that property costs. The property market in the city offers everything from premium to affordable housing options.

If you’re looking for affordable places in Delhi to buy property in, then these locations could be perfect for you:

  • Uttam Nagar: Expect to pay around Rs. 4612 per square feet if you want to buy property here. You’ll find many affordable housing units, and even metro connectivity, in this location. There are also various schools, hospitals, and shopping complexes in this location.
  • Govindpuri: Expect to pay around Rs. 4414 per square feet to buy property in this location. You can enjoy metro connectivity in this location as well. The areas around Govindpuri are considered some of the posh areas in the city.
  • Nawada: Expect to pay around Rs. 4789 per square feet. This is an area in West Delhi that offers various affordable housing options. There is a metro nearby, and infrastructure in this area is developed.
  • Khanpur: Expect to pay around Rs. 3982 per square feet if you buy property here. This location can be found along the Mehrauli-Badarpur road. The surrounding areas are posh, such as Sainik Farms and Saket. There is, however, a lack of open spaces in this area. Many students as well as working professionals live here and enjoy the many rental options. You can also find an affordable house for sale in Delhi here.
  • New Ashok Nagar: Expect to pay around Rs. 4361 per square feet if you want to buy property in this area. From here, you stay connected to Noida. There are various housing societies that can be found in this area.

Aside from these locations, you can also consider places like Bharat Vihar, Madhu Vihar, and Sector 24 in Dwarka. Consider Kondli as well as Ghitorni, which also offer the affordable house for sale in Delhi.

What Should You Know About Buying Pune House for Sale?

Pune is located in Maharashtra. It’s a city that attracts people from across the country. People move here either for educational purposes or to earn a living. There are distinct requirements at play when it comes to the kind of Pune house for sale people are looking for. You can find everything from affordable to luxury apartments to housing in Pune.

The residential real estate market has also seen a lot of interest from NRIs. This is as such NRI property owners can lease their properties out for rent and make a handsome income in this way. The kind of Pune house for sale you end up buying will also be determined by your financial situation. You can buy a Pune house for sale starting from Rs. 35 lakes all the way to Rs. 10 crores and more.

Where Should You Buy a Pune House For Sale?

Consider a location like Koregaon Park. Central Pune, as well as Bibvewadi, are also great for people to purchase a property. These areas are well developed and with access to various amenities such as markets, schools, and hospitals. You can also find entertainment hubs in these locations.

Other areas you can consider include Hinjewadi as well as Magarpatta. These locations are located close to the IT hubs in the city. You can also buy a Pune house for sale on the outskirts of the city. Opt for housing in Wagholi, Under, Ravet, Wakad as well as Talegaon. Hadapsar is another great location to buy a Pune house for sale.


Whether you want to buy a house for sale in Delhi, or a Pune house sale, there are several factors you should take into consideration. Use this guide to learn more about buying homes in these two areas.