[2023] Top 4 Celebrities Who Are Rude To Their Neighbors

Living in a peaceful neighborhood is everyone’s dream, especially in New York. But there are areas when you get celebs as rude neighbors. Then life becomes a nuisance, if not a true version of hell on earth. 

But you can avoid that by choosing the right type of neighborhood. Also, know which celebs are wreaking havoc in which neighborhood in New York or around. This way, you can steer clear from their province or district. Then, you can find a better and peaceful environment for you and your family, irrespective of the duration of the stay. 

So, The Top 4 Celebrities Who Are Rude To Their Neighbors Are:

Jude Law

He lived with his four kids and a wife in New York. And while filming for “Sherlock Holmes,” he has been notoriously famous for hurling fruits at kids studying and living in NYU dorms. 

Now that is a celebrity you wouldn’t want to mess up with. Despite his acting and career graph, we have seen Jude being defensive when asked about this particular episode. 

He laughed it off most times. And commented that he was exercising on his terrace when kids saw him doing that. I mean, is that even a credible excuse let alone lawful? We have no idea since when law gave this Law permission to throw fruits at kids for just being kids. 

And this episode took place in the West Village rental area. So, you can rent a room in the New York area, which is not West Village at least. 

Amy Beth Schumer

She’s an American stand-up comedian. Started her career in the 2000s, as per Wikipedia. Currently, she lives in the Upper East Side, New York. And on multiple occasions, this comedian has been witnessed to act rude, funny, or mean. 

On one particular occasion, in New York, she asked the comedian to get off the stage during a stand-up comedy show. Apparently, she had to practice her own monologue on stage. 

I mean, who does that while a show is already going on? Celebrity status does not allow you to be so rude to people. Later on, that comedian felt so bad and regretted giving Amy that chance because his show was ruined or interrupted. 

Other times, she’s been involved in minor controversies with other celebs online. One time, she joked that John Krasinski’s marriage is a contract or a pretend marriage. Then, again she was involved in some Hilaria Baldwin controversy where she reposted her picture with her baby. Hilaria Baldwin was seemingly in lingerie. 

Later, of course, people started putting negative comments toward Hilaria Baldwin and her origin. It was a total mess, and then Amy had to remove the post eventually and try not to act mean. Huh, as if!

Robert Downey Jr.

Now, we all know the famous Iron Man. Who wouldn’t, right? But there were days when this New Yorker used to be mad at everyone, including his teachers. There have been blind articles and rumors that Robert Downey Jr. used to be a little self-centered because he already knew that he’d be famous one day. 

Later on, there has been another rumor from industry insiders after his exit from the Marvel universe. They claim that Robert Downey Jr. has been a difficult talent and person to deal with on sets of Iron Man (acting as Tony Stark). 

Many claim that Robert has been addicted to substance abuse. It has affected his very personal and professional life a lot. And his erratic and uninsurable behavior is the by-product of the substance abuse episodes in his life. 

He’s also been in and out of imprisonment for multiple minor delinquencies early on in his career. Read about it online to feed your curiosity. 

Lindsay Lohan

She’s one famous actress who got her fame from movies like Mean Girls (2004) and Freaky Friday (2003). I absolutely loved those movies myself. Despite that, being born in New York has been a controversial charm for this actress. 

Today, she’s a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and even a producer. But controversies have never left her. After Miley Cyrus, she’s the one who posted her almost nude pictures online and got a lot of heat over that. 

She’s been into substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) because she has already caused too much drama in 2010. She’s already spent 15 hours of imprisonment for messing up with her probation period. This probation was meant to prohibit Lohan from abusing any substance further.