World’s No 1 Noob Games 2024 : 12 Top Gaming List

Mobile gaming is now the main mode of entertainment for players who are casual. As Covid waves change and working from home appears to be the norm in the foreseeable future, simple playing games based on similar to those of the Candy Crush model are gaining momentum as well Android as well as Apple devices. The flu epidemic may have kept lots of people very busy but in the same way it also has brought plenty of time to themselves regardless of whether people haven’t been able to socialize, or the time they can save by not getting to school or college.

The majority of people are spending their idle time listening to music, or reading a book, or better still, playing games on their mobile. To make the search easier, we’ve put together a list of the best no-one games for noobs that you can play during your spare time. Remember, these games are made to ease the burden on your brain and soul. when you’re on the subway heading to nowhere, make sure to load these apps on your phone.

It’s evident that the gaming industry on mobile has had a prosperous year  thanks to the growth of new users across every genre of gaming. In the case of mobile games, players acknowledge that it’s an environment of competition in which everyone is trying their best to win. If you’re not interested in beating other players and participating in professional vs. noob fights Here are some recommendations for the best Noob Game in India that you will fully enjoy from the very first few minutes.

A very popular game all over the world

In the present, Free Fire has more than 50 million downloads in the world and more than thirty million active users. The game, which is accessible through an official website for no cost has received more than seven million reviews and a 4,4/5 ratings from players.

Although it’s a game that is competitive it is a game that you can enjoy. Free Fire is much less aggressive and more intense as PUBG Mobile. Furthermore the game lasts 15 minutes rather than 30 minutes, making it easy to sit back and relax while you fight. Furthermore because Garena has a strict rule against cheating players, you aren’t worried about dealing with hackers in the game.

In addition to Free Fire, Indian users also have plenty of alternatives when it comes to games for noobs. Take a look at some of the most popular games for noobs in India like:

World’s No 1 Noob Games List 2022

Gaming on phones is also very competitive, particularly multiplayer games where you’re either an expert player or novice player. In the event that you’re just beginning to play and are not a pro, it’s commonplace to call you a newbie or novice player.

Don’t let players with decades of experience make you feel bad because we all started somewhere. With the speed of our lives even at home, intense gaming may not be the best fit for people who work in jobs that rely on screen time. As you do, we enjoy games of all colors and quality.

1. Subway Surfer

With more than 2 billion downloading’s Subway Surfer carves the niche with the highest downloaded mobile games during the past 10 years. In order to play the game, you’ll have to navigate your characters around the subway in order to make as much money as you can while avoiding obstacles in the process. Although the game is similar in products to Temple Run, the game is more adaptable to play when sitting on your mattress.

In addition to the games mentioned above for beginners, you can play games such as Doodle jump, Sonic Forces, or Beach Buggy Racing 2 as some other games that are popular among amateur players.

The above is all you need to be aware of Free Fire the No. 1 game for noobs on the market in India in addition to along with other well-known games for beginners. The games listed are enjoyable, but also intense and addictive. You will enjoy a fun way to relax in your spare time.

2. Garena Free Fire

PUBG Mobile’s suspension has affected a lot of. However, in case you’re seeking a game that is much more entertaining than PUBG is, you must try Garena Free Fire a try & use FF Rewards Redemption: Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes . The game for beginners offers all that PUBG Mobile has to offer with the option of a 50-player survival which runs over 10 minutes. It offers a broad range of options for character customization. With more than 500 million downloads it is enjoyed by a lot of. The game is available to download on Android and iOS.

3. Shadow of death 2

It’s an action-based game that you can play the game. It will keep you entertained throughout the game. There are many features that you can obtain. Four different characters with distinct styles of fighting are available.

4. Angry birds transformers

The Angry transform game with birds, is an arcade. This is an excellent game. You can purchase a robotic and modify it in the way you want. In this game eggs park, eggs into insane robots that take over the piggy island. it is only auto-bids that will be released.

5. Jetpack Joyride

With over 75 million games downloaded to date, Jetpack Joyride is also considered to be one of the top games for novices around the globe. It is a classic side-scrolling runner, Jetpack Joyride has no conclusion that makes the game attractive to gamers who are looking to beat the records set by them and other players.

6. Temple Run

Although the internet is available for shooting games such as Free Fire as well as PUBG Mobile Temple Run still remains its status as the best traditional game for novice Android players. It actually has a broad range of players, from kids to adults, with a simple concept. But, it’s an intense game that can enhance your adrenaline. With three gorillas that chase you and numerous plot twists, the game demands an equal amount of responsiveness and agility.

After having been released for more than 10 years, Temple Run has crossed the 1B-level (100 million) downloads. It also gets scores of 4,2/5 from players.

7. Doodle Jump

We’re now taking a trip to a selection of simpler games that do not have much movement , but the game is entertaining and interesting nevertheless. Doodle Jump is a never-ending game that’s been available for both Android or iOS phones for more than 10 years. Your aim is to through higher platforms each time you click. The game has cool power-ups that increase your speed, but be cautious as they can cause instability and stop you from completing your winning streak.

8. Sonic Forces

If you’ve ever played SEGA consoles way back in the past what can you do to ignore Sonic hedgehog. Then, SEGA has brought the beloved hedgehog to our phones. Sonic Forces is a multiplayer racing game in which Sonic and his pals battle against one another (in an online game mode) to determine who is the most skilled.

9. Beach Buggy Racing 2

If you’re someone who is a fan of car racing but don’t need something serious similar to Asphalt or Real Racing, beach Buggy Racing 2 is an option you must try. From fun and cool vehicles to insane tracks which make racing exciting and entertaining, Beach Buggy Racing 2 offers a lot..

10. Abduction Abduction

Through tilting the screen, you have to cause your cow to bounce across the ledges. The smartphone is tilted left to make it jump right, and tilt it left to make it jump left. When you reach the top, and then jump into the UFO the session will have been completed and you’ll need to make more jumps to get to the subsequent levels.

11. Action Potato

Action Potato doesn’t require any detailed strategy or instruction. It’s easier than Abduction! Since you won’t be faced with new challenge levels. You’ll need to find the potatoes, however, you should avoid getting them rotten. A tomato that is rotten takes your pot Try your best to catch a heart , and the pot will be returned.

12. Angry Birds

Angry Birds took the world in leaps and bounds from the beginning of the mobile gaming period. Because of the captivating characters as well as the gameplay and stunning graphics that made the game an international icon. Behind the walls and crates are the pigs . Your goal is to shoot them with an slingshot to shoot animals at them.

World No.1 Noob Games – FAQs

1. What is the reason mobile gaming is so popular these times?

There are many people who in the free time are trying to relax through one way or another listening to music, reading a book, or playing games on their mobile phones.

2. Who can be described as a novice or noob?

If you’re just beginning to get into playing, people will often refer to you as an amateur or novice player.

3. What is the game called Angry Birds?

Angry Birds had seized the world by leaps and bounds in the beginning of the mobile gaming time. Due to its intriguing characters games, graphics, and gameplay it became an icon in the world.

4. How do I participate in Abduction game?

By tilting your phone, you must get your cow to bounce off the ledges. The smartphone is tilted left to make it jump right and tilt it left to make it jump left. Once you have reached the top and leap into the UFO every cycle will end and you’ll have to make more jumps to get to the following levels.