Uses of Water Flow Control Valves

A flow control valve allows the user to regulate the fluid at a precise pressure in a fluid system. It helps to control and direct the flow of the fluid. The main purposes of using a valve is to regulate, direct, shut off and on, prevent the backflow and keep the water pressure low as per the need of a process. A proportional valve for water installed in a plumbing system at homes helps in saving water and keeping utility bills low. That’s why they are widely used at residential, commercial and industrial levels. Nowadays, water flow control valve comes in different shapes and flow ranges depending upon the purpose and the area of use. 

Here we have listed the systems in which a proportional control valve is compulsorily used:

HVAC System:

Today, HVAC systems are compulsorily used in homes and offices to maintain the required indoor temperature. HVAC is the abbreviation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It provides thermal comfort and maintains the required temperature. A proportional flow control valve performs a key role in the HVAC system. This system is classified into central and local systems as per the need of the location and the number of zones it has to cover. Some central HVAC systems use air and some use water for maintaining a set value of temperature. 

This system requires effective control over the flow rate and other relevant parameters such as the pressure and temperature etc for providing an excellent performance. It’s crucial to use a proportional valve for water to regulate the water on a precise flow rate and pressure so that a similar temperature can be maintained in all parts of the home.

Wastewater Treatment:

At the industrial level water is used in large quantities in daily tasks. A huge amount of water goes to waste. But this waste can be reduced by treating the wastewater because a very little amount of clean water is available for drinking, making beverages, medicines and doing other vital tasks.

A flow valve is used for the correct treatment of wastewater. Recycled water can be easily used at the industrial level for performing various tasks. Water flowing at a high speed cannot be treated efficiently. For this, it’s crucial to maintain a flow rate and keep the pressure low as per the need of the process. So that it can be treated accurately and precisely. This need is fulfilled with the help of a proportional valve for water because it can easily reduce the flow rate and can keep the other process variables under control. 

Water Distribution System:

A proportional valve controller plays an important role in the water distribution system. It allows the user to regulate water on a specific flow rate and pressure and helps in starting or pausing the flow, keeps the pressure low and allows the user to change the flow direction. These all functions are necessary to perform in distribution and an electronic proportional valve makes that possible. 

Final Words:

A proportional valve for water is very essential for plumbing systems either at homes or industrial levels. A flow control valve ensures the safety and accurate working of a fluid system.