Unique Features of Office and Microsoft 365

Office and Microsoft 365 come along with multiple tools that will make enhance the productivity of work for you and your co-workers. Since you have been working on Office applications for several years, it is easy to adhere to identical old habits. Once you have adjusted to a revamped interface, you will want to use your preferred application in a familiar way.

Microsoft supports businesses to enhance their productivity with its applications and they keep expanding collaboration to higher levels. So, before considering migrations like Office 365 to Office 365 Migration you should be aware of the feature it has to offer.

Here are some unique features of Office and Microsoft 365:

  1. Simultaneous co-authoring (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

Collaborate online and view each other’s modifications as they happen with simultaneous co-authoring. Store your file in SharePoint or OneDrive so other users can work on it together. You can share it instantly from the application by using the integrated sidebar. You can also use a Virtual Desktop Cloud to boost your productivity.

  1. Talk with associates in Office apps

In-app integrations in Microsoft Teams in Office and Microsoft 365 can be used to chat, screen shares and create audio or video conferences with your associates. Even when you close the app, you can resume the conversation through Teams on your desktop or smartphone and keep communicating to the team as they update.

  1. Rather than sending entire files to associates just insert links to stored files

Now you can share a document by uploading your file to Office and Microsoft 365’s cloud storage. Compose an email with the help of Outlook or Outlook Web. Insert the link to the file on your cloud rather than attaching a file. Outlook will automatically give editing permission to the users you are emailing. You can edit the permissions anytime at your convenience.

  1. Converting OneNote elements into Outlook calendar events

Convert notes to tasks within your calendar and allocate them to associates with deadlines and reminders. Send meeting details used in OneNote by email and automatically attach details (date, location, etc.) for every meeting they are linked to.

  1. Power Map feature in Excel which transforms data into a map

Power Map is part of the robust and collaborative data visualization functions in Excel, which are improved with Power BI, the solution for tracking, estimating, and sharing data insights. You can transform a range of data into a 3D collaborative map by using Power Map, which has the capability to filter data with the help of 3 different filters: Range, List, or Advanced.

  1. Editing and transforming to PDF made easier

Converting finished and edited documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or publications to a PDF is made easy with the Save as PDF integrated function. If you want to modify a PDF, you can change it into a Word document without the formatting problems that occur due to editing copy-pasting.

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