Trust in Quality Products for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s accessories matter as much as its internal parts. For example, the right 2012 Kia Optima headlight bulb can make all the difference on a dark road. That’s why you should always look for the highest-quality auto products.

Starting With the Headlights

Headlights may not be a major feature, but they’re essential for driving safety. There’s also the risk of getting a ticket if you’ve got a headlight out.

Since headlights sit at the front of the vehicle, even a minor collision can damage them. Also, bulbs burn out, so you’ll need to replace the headlights if you’ve had your car long enough.

Why High-Quality Headlights Are Important

Strong beams ensure you can see no matter how dark it is. Poor visibility puts you and other drivers at risk; to avoid injury, liability and even death, you need a pair of bulbs that produce at least 350 feet of illumination. Headlights are especially important in residential areas where families may take walks or ride bikes in the late evenings.

Headlights also help others know where your vehicle is. On a dark highway, drivers can only identify other cars by the glow of tail and headlights, making them crucial for safe navigation.

How To Choose the Right Headlights

The first step is to consult your owner’s manual, which should specify what kind of bulb your headlights use. A 2006 Chevrolet Impala headlight bulb may be very different from a 2015 Honda Civic bulb, and buying the wrong one wastes money.

Once you know the right size and brand, you can look at the type. Depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle, you can select the following:

  • LED
  • HID xenons
  • Halogens

Ending With Trusted Products for Your Safety

While headlights play a critical role in road safety, they’re not the only accessory you need. In fact, you should equip your vehicle with the following as part of a safety kit:

  • Jumper cables
  • Tire inflator
  • Glass breaker

If your battery dies unexpectedly, jumper cables can get your car running long enough to reach a mechanic or auto parts store. The alternative is a tow, which can be expensive.

Tire inflators add pressure to low tires, allowing you to drive without damage to the wheel rim. If there’s a hole in your tire, an inflator can keep it serviceable long enough to reach somewhere safe.

Finally, a glass breaker can help you survive a life-or-death situation. These handy tools can easily shatter a window, allowing you to escape your vehicle quickly. For example, if your car ends up in a lake, the water pressure won’t allow you to open the door. Rolling down the window isn’t an option because water will rush in before you can create a large enough opening. A glass breaker solves both issues, so store one under or beside the driver’s seat.

You can easily replace your 2016 Chrysler 200 headlight bulb and other car accessories at home. All it takes is a little elbow grease and the right tools. Fortunately, you can find supplies and even great maintenance advice at your local auto parts store.