8 Tips To Help People Get Through The Rough Winter Season


The winter months prompt people to enjoy cuddling up under the covers and sipping hot chocolate, but those chilly days can be rather gloomy. Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest especially lacks sufficient sunlight, and the winter blues take the stage. How to Beat the Winter Blues at Home this Season and make the most of those precious days that usher in the new year?

Conquering Gloomy Winters

Don’t let the winter blues keep you down. These 8 tips are designed to help you conquer the gloomy winter season, turning it into a more joyous time for you and your family.

  1. Daily Exercise

While exercising indoors during winter is also recommended, getting outdoors on occasion is good for you. Throw on some extra layers and take a nice walk in nature. Even if you plan on heading to the gym, that gets you outdoors and interacting with your natural environment. Don’t allow the winter weather to keep you pinned down.

  1. Vitamin D Intake

People tend not to get as much sunlight during the winter months, and this can deplete vitamin D levels in the body. Strive to get outdoors as often as possible, and speak with your family doctor about whether or not you could benefit from a vitamin D supplement among other supplements.

  1. Light Therapy

Light therapy is about taking advantage of opportunities that allow your body to receive more natural light. Make small moves, such as exercising near a window or using lamps known for simulating natural light. Light therapy is encouraging and uplifting, helping you stay motivated and in a good mood during the winter season.

  1. Healthy Balanced Diet

You need energy during those winter months, and this means you might want to pay extra attention to those complex carbohydrates. Be sure to also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those that are a deep green or orange, like broccoli or carrots.

  1. Sensory Stimulation

Have you tried essential oils? Winter smells help stimulate the senses and can help to shape your mood. Bright colors during the wintertime also have a way of making a positive impact on a person’s state of mind. Try painting your nails a vibrant color, or perhaps it’s time to repaint those interior walls. How can you add color to your life during the winter season?

  1. Spiritual Growth

People slow down during the winter. With more time for personal reflection, it is time to get in better touch with your spirit. Take the time to get cozy, read the Bible, write in your journal, watch a movie, etc. Get comfortable and make time for self reflection and spiritual growth.

  1. Follow The Snow Birds

Snow birds search for a warmer climate during the winter months. If traveling fits your budget, you can soak up the sun’s rays on a beach in Florida, avoiding the winter weather back home until it is time to return for spring.

  1. Therapy

Have you considered seeing a therapist? Therapy is geared to help you work through problems and think positively if you are feeling depressed.  After some therapy sessions, you might feel a little better enduring that harsh winter season.