Tips for losing weight this summer

Eating right in the summer is much easier than at any other time. So the question of how to lose weight in summer is solved with these five simple points that are easy to implement daily. Now a slim figure – not a dream, but a reality!

Summer is the time to form vitamin “reserves” in our bodies! The season of vegetables, fruits, and berries is the answer to how to lose weight in summer. So in the summertime, don’t play demo Bollywood casino games around the clock – go for a walk, get plenty of vitamin D, eat more greens and vegetables, and drink enough water – a slim figure and perfect health will be close at hand! 

Eat more seasonal vegetables, berries, and fruits.

Eating right in summer is delicious because so many seasonal fruits and vegetables are unavailable at any other time. In summer, the variety of fruits of nature is so great that it makes no sense to buy very early (read – with nitrates and other gas pedals of ripening) vegetables, fruits, and berries. Vitamins don’t just appear in them. Each fruit needs time to ripen and absorb all the most valuable things. And also – it’s in the season of their ripening vegetables, fruits, and berries are the most delicious. So enjoy these gifts of summer in the order of their ripening. And build your diet on quality food!

How to lose weight in summer

Lifehacks on how to lose weight in the summer:

  • In summer, base your diet on vegetables, use them to the maximum, and add berries and fruits at least 1-2 times daily.
  • You should eat more vegetables than fruits.
  • It is better to eat vegetables in raw form and baked, boiled, or grilled. But remember – the less heat treatment, the more benefits vegetables retain.
  • Remember that fruits contain available sugar, and it is better to eat them before 16:00.
  • Practice discharge days on vegetables and fruits in a ratio of 3:2 or 4:1.

Eat more leafy greens. 

Greens are often overlooked, but leafy green vegetables are a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging product. Make it a rule to add greens to all main meals. One small bundle of greens has more vitamins and minerals than a week-long course of pharmacy vitamin preparations.

And it’s also an excellent product for weight loss in the summer!

Sunshine is a source of vitamin D.

And we need it to strengthen bones and teeth (vitamin D helps calcium absorption). In addition, a sufficient amount of vitamin D influences the immunity.

However, it would help if you remembered: many suns and their activity period can lead to overheating, sunburns, and sunstroke. So take precautions: wear a hat, use sunscreen, and remember that the safe time to stay in the sun is before 11:00 pm and after 4:00 pm.

Walk barefoot

On our feet are a large number of nerve endings, which are activated just by walking barefoot. As a result, static electricity escapes into the ground through our feet. In addition, walking barefoot – hardens, strengthening immunity and reducing the risk of colds in the cold season. And also it is – activity, and activity – a slim figure and an excellent opportunity to lose weight in the summer.

Don’t be afraid of fats.

As strange as it may sound, to lose weight very quickly without dieting, you need to eat fatty foods. It is fats that give a feeling of satiety and play a significant role in forming our hormonal background and accelerating the metabolism. Stay away from fatty cheeses, cottage cheese, milk, and steaks. Instead, include polyunsaturated fats in your diet, which are found in fish, nuts, and seeds. The American Heart Association suggests also choosing monounsaturated fats such as avocados, nuts, and seeds and avoiding saturated and trans fats.

Look for alternatives

Are you in a restaurant and craving dessert? Order yourself a Coke Zero. After one drink, you won’t want any sweets. Nutritionists say baked apples can replace sweet things with cinnamon, whipped ricotta with cherries, fresh berries with a handful of nuts, and herbal tea with vanilla. It is a delicious diet that helps you lose weight fast without exertion or exercise. In addition, if you have a false sense of hunger, drink a glass of water, take five deep breaths, and take a walk for a few minutes.

If a snack is necessary, choosing protein (eggs, seafood, meat, vegetables) or healthy fats (avocados, bitter chocolate) is better. By the way, scientists have proved that it is more difficult for a man to control the feeling of satiety while watching a video or game and lose weight quickly without dieting. 

Do not mix it up

One way to lose weight quickly and without dieting is to separate protein and sugary carbohydrates. Eating them together raises insulin much higher compared to eating them separately. In addition, eating foods with different tastes and energies can increase the amount of toxins in the body and make digestion more difficult. In other words: cottage cheese, no jam; if chicken breast, no sauce.

And finally – a favorite item. Drink water!

It is essential to avoid dehydration in summer! The body loses water quickly during the heat, and following the drinking regime more care is necessary. The most important thing is to quench your thirst with pure water, not sweet drinks.