The sad story of Abdelhak Nouri

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In 2015, Abdelhak Nouri made his breakthrough into the first team of the Dutch side being only 18 years old. He was a highly dynamic midfielder gifted with incredible talent. In fact, he was so good that some sports media at the moment started to show him as one of the best young footballers at that moment. Only on your best bet site, which is 1xBet, you can wager on the best young footballers that promise to be tomorrow’s stars.

A tragic incident

The 8th of July 2017 is a day that forever changed Nouri’s life. On that day, Ajax played a friendly against Werder Bremen. It was nothing special, as it was simply a pre-season match like any other. Don’t forget that you can now 1xBet apk download for Android and use this piece of software in order to wager on those matches too.

Prior to that match, Nouri had played in teams like:

  • Jong Ajax;
  • all Dutch youth national teams between the U-15 and U-19 levels;
  • and of course, the senior Ajax teams.

In all of them he showed his incredible talent, and was rightfully considered as one of the best players to come from Ajax academy at that moment. The 1xBet apk can be downloaded for Android now, and used to wager on all those teams.

Going back to the match, the player collapsed without any kind of external intervention. It was clear that something was very wrong. The medical team from Ajax attempted to stabilize him. An ambulance helicopter landed in the middle of the football field in order to take the young player to a hospital.

Bad news

The player spent several weeks in an Austrian hospital, since that was the country where the friendly match was being played. Before other Ajax matches, you can go to and explore all the casino games that are available.

Sadly, the news given by the Ajax medical staff was not good. The player suffered permanent brain damage. An investigation stated that this most likely happened because the resuscitation maneuvers attempted on him were not quick enough.

Obviously, this also meant that Abdelhak Nouri would never play football again. He is receiving medical care at his home, but it is clear that there are some expensive medical bills that have to be paid. Thankfully Ajax, which is featured on 1xBet, reached a settlement with the family. They paid them almost 8 million Euros. Yet it is still really sad to see how a brilliant career was ruined due to such a circumstance.