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Stacie Zabka: Wiki, Biography, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Family

Stacie Zabka is an American woman well-known for her role as wife to actor William Zabka. The actor is famous for his role in many iconic films from the 1980s. His most famous work is his portrayal as Johnny Lawrence in ‘The Karate Kid as well as The Karate Kid Part II’ and his spin-off TV series Cobra Kai.

Who is Stacie Zabka?

Stacie Zabka was was born to the United States of America as Stacie Doss-Zabka in 1974. So, she will be in her 46th year in 2021. She is an attractive woman and a loving wife and a loving mother to two sons. She prefers to keep her private life since she does not have social media sites despite all the scrutiny from the public.

Stacie Zabka Age :

Katia is born 1974. So, in line with the birth year her age is age 46. The brown eyes of Katia are captivating and the blonde hair adds to her beauty and charm. The blonde hair she has bleached, and her eyes are dark brown. Stacie comes from white ethnic descent and has American ancestral lineage.

Stacie Zabka Wiki :

Name: Stacie Zabka
Alias: Stacie
Birthdate: NA
Birth Year: 1974
Age (as in 2021): 46 years old
Birthplace: Los Angeles, USA
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality: American
Height: 5’3Weight: 58 Kg
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Blonde
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: We were married
Husband: William Zabka
School: Local High School, Los Angeles
Educational Qualification: Graduate
College: NA
Profession: Businesswoman
Net Worth: $100k (approx.)
Twitter: NA
Instagram: No Instagram

Stacie Zabka Height and Weight :

Stacie Zabka stands 5 feet 3 inches tall. She has a gorgeous curvy and beautiful figure , weighing around 58 kg. Brown eyes are what draw attention to her that are captivating , and her the blonde locks make her gorgeous and charming. Her dark brown eyes are hair that is dyed blonde. Stacie was born in American by descent and comes from an ethnic white background.

Stacie Zabka Education :

Stacie is a businessperson and is therefore likely to student. She attended an area high school in her town. The details of her education and qualifications are available. Stacie is believed to be an accomplished business person. However, she is most well-known as the spouse to William Zabka, a well-known actor.

Stacie Zabka is extremely happy with the marriage of her husband. William Zabka who is a legendary Hollywood actor is Stacie’s husband’s name. In an intimate ceremony held that took place in the year 2008 Stacie as well as William exchanged their vows to each other. After a couple of years of being together, they got married. However, she prefers to keep her wedding life at a minimum. Stacie is able to hide her intimate feelings and has never spoken about her personal life. For over a decade, she’s been engaged with William Zabka.

The couple has the same son, who is 7 years old. They have a relationship. The husband of the couple shares their son’s beautiful photo. Another child, as per reliable websites was recently revealed from the pair. It is evident that the husband William is a man of the family because he has been living along with wife Stacie Zabka for 10 wonderful years. The couple rarely appears together. On June 7, 2010 the couple was seen at a joint celebration.

They both are extremely committed to their children and are not afraid to show their love for their children. They remain together during their marriage. William and Stacie prefer their life together to be peaceful. On the 26th of December, 2015. William shared his son’s photo. The dad and his son enjoyed a great time. They also enjoy the thrilling sport of gliding. The father posted his son’s photo in the picturesque countryside on the 29th of December.

Stacie Zabka Career :

Stacie is thought to be an woman in business according to her professional. However, she is most well-known as the wife of famous actor William Zabka. There aren’t many details available regarding her profession or business job. They are both devoted to their children and aren’t unwilling to express their affection for their children. The couple has been together for a long period of time.

William and Stacie like a quiet couple life. William posted a picture from his young son the 26th of December the 26th of December, 2015. His father as well as his family enjoyed a great time. They also enjoy the exciting sport of gliding. On the 29th of December He shared a photo of his son enjoying the stunning countryside.

Stacie Zabka Husband :

The husband of Stacie has been identified as William Michael born on the 20th of October 1965, located in New York City, USA. He is age 55 when he turns 2021. The actor is an American actor, director producer, screenwriter, and director. He has been on a number of best television and film shows of his career. His acting career is part of the family, where both his dad William as well as his mother Nancy were both well-known in Hollywood. In his professional career, He was a part of the most watched TV shows, Cobra Kai.

His acting skills have earned many awards and praise and awards, the most recent was in 2004. He received the Oscar within the Best Short Film, Live Action category along with Bobby Garabedian.

Stacie Zabka On Instagram :

Stacie’s private life isn’t publicized to social media. Her family and she have successfully shielded their children from the spotlight and to give them the most normal childhood possible, away from public spotlight. The Stacie family has no known Instagram page is associated with the Stacie. However, her husband has a well-known Instagram account that has many thousands of fans.

Stacie Zabka Relationship Status :

Stacie has been happily wed to husband William Zabka. They exchanged wedding vows in 2008 at an intimate ceremony. They had been dating for a couple of years. But, they have kept their private lives secret from the world. They’ve been married for over 10 years. In their marriage they share the same son, who is about 6-7 years old. The couple recently was blessed with the birth of a second child. They have a happy life together with a wonderful family.

  • Stacie Relationship Status: She is Married to William Zabka

A few intriguing facts concerning Stacie Zabka:

  • Her last public appearance was at an event that was public was in the year 2010.
  • It was at a film premiere that she was with her husband.
  • She doesn’t like displaying her personal life through social networks.
  • She is a beloved daughter-in-law of William’s parents Nancy Stan and Nancy. Stan.
  • These two actors are not brand new faces within the Hollywood world.
  • For instance, Stan Zabka directs and creates motion picture music for NBC television.
  • When you consider that Stacie is an extremely private person who is not one to be seen as a media person, there’s little else that can be discussed about her.
  • But, it is obvious her to be a loving wife and a loving mom.

Stacie Zabka Net Worth :

Stacie’s net worth is believed at $100k. Her net worth is due to her husband’s wealth. The man who is married to Stacie William is an extremely well-known actor who has been involved in numerous projects that have earned his millions. Stacie lives a lavish lifestyle alongside her partner. They own multimillion-dollar homes and live the best their time with their kids.

  • Stacie Networth: $100k (Approximately)

FAQ’s regarding Stacie Zabka:

Who is Stacie Zabka?

Stacie Zabka was an American woman well-known because she is the spouse of actor William Zabka. William Zabka is famous for his role in numerous iconic films from the 1980s. His most famous work is in the role in the role of Johnny Lawrence in ‘The Karate Kid and ‘The Kid II’ and the spin-off television show”Cobra Kai”.

How old is Stacie Zabka?

Stacie Zabka was born 1974 within America. United States. She is now 46 years old. young. Her exact date of birth is not known.

What is the height of Stacie Zabka?

Stacie Zabka stands 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Is Stacie Zabka married?

Stacie Zabka is very content with the marriage of her husband. William Zabka who is the famous Hollywood persona is her husband’s name. At an intimate ceremony that took place in 2008 Stacie as well as William made their vows to each other.

After a couple of years of being together after which the couple tied the knot. She prefers to keep her wedding life at a minimum. Stacie is able to hide the intimate moments of her life and doesn’t talk about her personal life. For over a decade, she has been happily married with William Zabka.

What’s the worth of Stacie Zabka’s value?

Stacie’s net worth is believed at $100k. Her wealth is largely due to her husband’s wealth. The husband of Stacie William is an extremely well-known actor who has been involved in several projects that earned his millions. Stacie lives a lavish lifestyle with her partner. They own multimillion-dollar homes and are enjoying life with their children.

How can I find Stacie Zabka’s official twitter profile?

Stacie Zabka is a highly private person. She doesn’t have an official Twitter account. Twitter.

What exactly does Stacie Zabka’s job entails?

Stacie is an successful businesswoman. The husband of her, William is known as a well-known American actor, producer, and director. He played a character in the cult film The Karate Kid in 1984. The film was a huge success in the United States.

How many years is William Zabka been married?

Personal life. He was married Stacie Zabka on the 28th of the year 2008 and they have two kids together.

What is William Zabka wife?

Stacie Zabka

Do you know if William Zabka have a son?

William Michael Zabka (/’zaebk@born on 20 October 1965) is an American actor writer, producer, and actor. He is most well-known for his character in the role of Johnny Lawrence in The Karate Kid (1984), The Karate Kid Part II (1986) as well as the television show Cobra Kai (2018-present).

Are you sure that William Zabka the real Karate Kid?

in The Stinsons, Barney Stinson says the fact that The real Karate Kid is William Zabka and rather than Ralph Macchio. In the course of Barney’s bachelorette party, Robin Scherbatsky hires William Zabka to dress up as clowns and reveal his identity at the end of the night in an elaborate ruse. Zabka is revealed to later be asked to Barney as well as Robin’s wedding.

What is William Zabka done since Karate Kid?

Since his breakout performance on “The Karate Kid,” Zabka has been involved in a myriad of productions. Zabka has been a frequent guest on television shows, he’s played around with different categories, and he’s playing his role from the film in a wildly popular TV show spin-off.

Is William Zabka father?

Stanley Zabka

Conclusion :

Stacie Zabka is among the most famous wives of celebrities today. She is the spouse to William Zabka, Hollywood’s most famous actor, and she has two sons who are with William Zabka. Stacie and William have exchanged wedding vows in 2008. After a couple of years of being together, the couple got married. She is adamant about keeping her marriage low. She’s a businesswoman and is a very loving husband and mother. Stacie is extremely loyal to her family, and has in a blissful and lavish life with her family.