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Sex dolls have always been controversial especially those that come in the form of silicone skin like dolls. Since they have been exposed to the public, there have already been some incidents regarding their use, misuse and sexual exploitation. Because of this, many people have called for a ban or regulation of sex doll industry. The controversy does not seem to die down despite calls from the public and government agencies to take immediate action on this subject.

Although most sex toys resembling human body parts have been socially accepted and normalized, full-body sex doll or sex dolls featuring erotic adult content are still controversial. Some find it offensive since they see the dolls as sexual toys which are used by both sex offenders and consenting adults for pornographic and other inappropriate purposes. In addition, some would argue that sex dolls could teach young girls and women how to experience sex. There are also those who would say that sex dolls are a substitute for real sex partners.

Aside from the ethical and legal issues, the stigma attached to the doll industry also hampers business transactions among wholesalers and retailers. For instance, many retailers have stopped carrying sex doll merchandise due to negative feedback from customers. There have also been reports of establishments closing down because of complaints by customers. These concerns about the doll industry have prompted authorities to exert more efforts in dealing with this menace. They have formulated the Measures Against Sexual Exploitation Enforcement Act, which is currently being enforced in various cities in the United States of America. Similar measures have been adopted by the European Union.

Efforts have been made to promote responsible doll industry practices in terms of sales, advertising and other aspects of the industry itself. An age verification system has been set up to verify the ages of buyers and sellers of sex doll merchandise. Since the proliferation of online purchasing and selling of sex dolls has increased, more sellers are resorting to different kinds of marketing strategies. You can check a good rated online store at: Most of these include the use of press releases, online community forums and the likes. All these methods have been used as a way of drawing more customers and in turn increasing the profitability of the doll industry.

Auctions and sales continue to be an integral part of the Sex doll business. While some people still prefer to buy sex dolls from on-line sources, there are others who do not have alternative and viable options. For them, purchasing a sex doll through an auction site or a private seller can be a good alternative. There are on-line auctions that offer a wide array of quality teen sex dolls at affordable prices.

The Internet has not only provided a venue for sex doll buyers and sellers to interact. It has also opened up other opportunities such as networking and sharing information. This has been helpful to the entire industry as well. It has encouraged manufacturers and sellers to pool their resources and help each other achieve greater heights in their respective fields. As a whole, the Sex doll industry is no longer just a product that is found in adult magazines. Now, it is available to everyone who can get online.