Achieve Perfect Harmony In Your Space With Scandinavian Lighting Designs

The Scandinavian design style is all about finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, and it includes a lot of elements from nature too. The Scandinavian design style is unique and rare but nothing unheard of. But even if you have not heard about it, let us familiarise you with this stunning design style. The Scandinavian design style, as the name suggests, originated in the Nordic countries back in the 1930s. 

The design style was quite popular in the Scandinavian nations of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland by the 1950s it had found itself a global audience. Scandinavian design style had a wide acceptance because it focused on creating a space as snug and comfortable as possible. Scandinavian lighting designs can help you create the look with ease and they can beautifully had a tranquil touch to your living space. 

There are many ways Scandinavian lighting designs can change your space and here some of the tips to create a gorgeously warm decor. Take a look at everything we have for you.

#1 The primary colours and accent colours are important 

Scandinavian design style has some pre-set norms and the colour palette is one of those important elements. While you can play around with the shades, it is recommended to keep it light all the time. When you are choosing a lighting design for your space, make sure it sticks to the original Scandinavian colour palette of lighter neutrals. You can also consider going with white, cream, tan and grey for your decor.  

When it comes to making the perfect backdrop for your lighting designs, choose vivid accent colours like blues, greens, reds, yellows and purples. If need be, you can also switch between the shades. For example, if you pick a gold ceiling light or a gold table lamp, it is important to have a white background to create that serene backdrop. You can also use other home decor to achieve a similar effect. 

#2 The finishes and textures for your decor

Your lighting designs can be made out of a number of elements, including iron, brass, nickel, chrome and wood. The idea is to keep your decor as close to nature as possible. Iron hanging lights are a pretty common sight, and you can use them to decorate your living space. Wooden lighting fixtures have now become a common pick for households too. 

#3 Themes for your lighting designs

If you want to create a perfect Scandinavian decor, then it is best to choose lighting designs that emulate natural elements or resemble something from the natural world. The best and the easiest choice for your is to go with lighting designs that have botanical designs, floral motifs or resemble anything similar. To accentuate the effect, you can also use candles and lamps to complement the lighting layout of your space.