Push Notification Tool For B2C Brands

Every website’s success goals revolve around communication with the audiences. In this digitally advanced world, push notifications have become an effective way to alert about every possible update to the users. The push notifications have a higher click rate, view rate, and conversion rate than other communication channels like emails or SMS. So, all industries are interested in push notifications to increase conversions and traffic. These are applicable in eCommerce, bloggers, news & entertainment, education, and more.

Reasons Why Your Business Need Push Notifications

Effective Communication

Communication is key for building a progressive relationship between customers and businesses. Push notifications are an effective way to present the right information to audiences. There is no need to deal with spam or ignore it cases like other communication channels. As these are permission-based notifications there are high chances of reaching interested audiences and conversions. Businesses can create urgency about offers, service updates, new content with gentle reminders to increase traffic or conversions.

Customer Behaviour Insights

Customer reactions to your promotional messages are essential to reach targeted audiences while launching a new product or service. These insights will help you to plan brand building and marketing campaigns. Acquiring information about the customer location, preferences, web pages visits, etc will help to send messages to different location users at a specific time to make campaigns successful. Push notifications will give you more scope to know the customer behaviour by tracking various notification performance metrics.

Increase Conversion Rate

Sending push notifications timely keeps the user aware of regular updates and offers. Unlike other marketing tools, push notifications to have a high click-through rate and open rates which increases conversions. The short notification that conveys a message from notification panels, would provide a reason for users to engage with brands and drive traffic. You can also retain the customers by sending notifications of last-minute deals which will also increase the brand integrity and eventually conversions.

Wider Browser Platforms

The web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari take more than 70% of total market share. Truepush push notifications service supports all these prominent browsers and leverages websites to reach wider audiences.

There are numerous push notifications service providers for B2C industries in the market. But you need to check for necessary features, pricing, additional revenue opportunity, and available platforms. So, here we are to provide details about the top web push notification provider- Truepush.

About Truepush- Free Push Notification Tool

Truepush was started in the year 2019 with a vision to provide the simplest way to reach and engage users. It provides both web and mobile browser push notification services. Truepush has achieved many milestones in a short period because of innovative ideas and great teamwork. The business software and service review G2 has awarded the high-performance batch in the push notification category. It provides free plugins for API, WordPress, and Shopify platforms. This push notification platform has gained more than 30,000+ brands from countries like the US, India, Egypt, and the Middle East. The product capability and supportive customer service serve different needs of websites from all over the world.

Why is Truepush the best fit for your Business?

The unlimited features of Truepush make them stand out in the crowd. The users can send unlimited push notifications to unlimited subscribers with all rich features. In this section, let us discuss some of its features that make it a marketing automation platform.

User Segmentation

Audience segmentation will help users to push notifications to target audiences which bring maximum conversions and make a successful campaign. In Truepush you can segment audiences on different parameters like platform, OS, browser, subscription rate, last visit date, and more.

User Segmentation

The above figure shows the Truepush dashboard. You can create any number of segments as required by selecting the parameter.

For example, a website wants to send push notifications to retain customers who haven’t visited the site long back. Users can create a new segment using the “last visited date” parameter. Now, select this segment while creating the campaign of special or personalized offers. In this way, the push notification reaches the subscribers who have a low website visit rate and drives them back.


Users can send important notifications automatically multiple times at specified times and on particular days of the week. Truepush trigger feature creates an urgency among the users and increases the chances of conversions. You can select targeted audience segments and push notification templates and frequency.


You can create new triggers in your dashboard with all the necessary details.

For example, a website can alert its users about the season-end offer on selected multiple dates automatically. This will help the website owners to reduce the time spent in creating campaigns everyday.

RSS to push

Send push notifications for every update on your website without any manual intervention. You can select the campaign time interval between notifications when you add multiple blogs or updates to your websites. This feature is very useful for news and entertainment websites as they work with current updates. Don’t confuse this with Triggers as they are used for sending only one notification multiple times.

A blogger website that has given an RSS link will automatically fetch the new articles and send push notifications. After you add the RSS to push feature, Truepush will check your website every 3 minutes for any updates. Here are detailed steps for creating RSS to push campaigns for your website.


Personalized messages have become essential in all communication channels for user engagement and retention. Most companies use this technique to turn their prospective users into loyal customers. The user-tailored notifications help you to add more value to your notifications and build a bond at a more personal level. You can read our detailed article on implementing personalization in push notifications.

Duplicate Settings

Do you want to have existing project settings for your new project? Truepush got you covered with the project duplication feature. This feature helps you to import settings like RSS feed, segmentation, triggers, opt-in styles, templates, etc. to save time and effort.

Truepush Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a complete understanding of push notification campaigns. You can check the subscribers count, active subscribers, notifications view rate, campaign status, number of clicks, and more. These stats give insights into your push notifications and help you optimize the campaigns.

Truepush Website Monetization Plan

Truepush always tries to implement innovative ideas and believes in mutual benefits. This ideology has introduced the Truepush monetization plan to earn additional revenue with website monetization for push ads. These ads have more view rate than the traditional ads as they look similar to notifications and reach the device notification panel. Whereas, other ads like display ads or banner ads disturb user experience with websites or android or iOS app development.

You can join the Truepush monetization plan to earn profits and can send unlimited push notifications for unlimited subscribers for free. Instead of moving to a paid version after reaching 30K subscribers, businesses can stream new revenue sources with this website monetization plan. It sends two push ads everyday and shares revenue with the website owners with a minimum payout amount of $50. Truepush understands the concern of website owners toward their subscribers so it always maintains relevancy in the push ads. With the valuable experience of Truepush in web push notification service, they have optimized the timings and frequency of push ads to make earnings.

What is Truepush Affordable Push Notification Plan?

As per the reputation of affordable push notifications services in the world our customers will pay less than any other push notifications service.

The free tier is up to 30K subscribers per website and charges $29 for up to 1 Lakh and $60 for up to 2 Lakh subscribers/month for each website. You can check more details on our paid plan pricing page. All updated features are available for both free and paid versions without any hidden charges. Also, the price is charged as per the website subscribers count so you will not end up paying more considering every single account.

Implementing push notification with a perfect conversion strategy will definitely increase your website traffic and conversion rates. You cannot find any other notification service with all these features at an affordable price. It will help you to start your marketing using push notifications.

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