Possible Reasons For SD Card Failure

Possible reasons for SD card Failure: Secure Digital or SD card is a memory card built to store data for portable devices. You might have seen tiny cards that you use in your phone camera or any other electronic device that you carry. SD card is the most popular card used by individuals to store photos and videos. Every medium that people use to store the information can get damaged due to one or another reason. You might have faced such problems earlier too but do not know what caused it or what to do further. Well, the first thing to do when you come across a failed SD card is to take it to SD card recovery services so that they can med your card in no time.

As an owner of an SD card, you should know about the possible reasons that cause the failure of an SD card. Below are listed some of the reasons:


Improper care of the tiny cards will lead to its damage. You are well aware that the SD cards are small in size, and everything that is tiny should be handled with precise care. Once your tiny card gets affected because of your negligence, you will have to pay for it. You can use small cases to keep them while you are not using them. This will help you prevent losing them because you forget where you have kept them. This will also prevent their damage from natural causes like temperature, water, stains, etc.

Formatting error

Make sure you have the backup of the data while you are formatting your SD card, or else you will lose all your data just in a blink of time. Also, make sure that the formatting of the card is done error-free, or you will end up not only losing the data but the card as well. And if this happens, you might not be able to recover the card because recovering the data is a different thing but recovering the damaged card is another.

Virus attacks

You cannot neglect the viruses attacking your data without your knowledge. These viruses can cause severe damage to your data which can only be recovered by experienced SD card recovery services. Your card needs professional care when it comes to its recovery. Some virus attacks are so severe that they will make your card unaccessible. This problem should be treated in a professional way, so you better take your SD card for repair to get the ultimate solution.

Other factors

Your SD card is vulnerable to physical damage, like when you are removing it from a device, and you may end up breaking it, or your card has been exposed to heat and moisture. These factors lead to the damage of the card, thus corrupting your data. You need to careful while removing it from some other device and store it properly to prevent the obvious damage. In situations like these, you need to take your SD card for repair. 

Manufacturing defects

Believe it or not, the damage to your SD card cannot always be mishandling, Formatting error, Virus attacks, physical damages, moisture, or temperature. Sometimes it is the negligence of the manufacturing company that causes the damage. The card you bought from the store might already be damaged without your knowledge. In this case, just return it under the warranty policy of the company.