Explaining Some Key Factors of The Health ID Card

The Government of India launched the Aayushman Bharat digital mission to ensure each country’s citizen gets the health ID. The health ID gives each citizen a unique identity code which will help to store all the necessary information regarding the previous medical records so that no one has to make sure they keep their files and reports everywhere they go. The digital health ID coincides with National Health Authority (NHA). The Prime minister inaugurated it on the celebration of the third anniversary of Aayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojna (AB PM-JAY).  

The government has announced that it will create awareness regarding the NHA ID card. The campaigns are running to make sure people get to know the importance of the health card.  

There are some major facts about the digital health card that government wants you to know as follows: 

1- Basics of the health id  

The initiative is based on the foundations laid for the Jan Dhan Aadhar and Mobile (JAM) and other digital initiatives by the government. The Prime Minister Digital Health Mission (PM DHM) will also create an online platform to store all the previous records of the illness, surgeries, and treatments. The data can be accessed with the help of the unique number provided by the government for each individual. 

With the help of this national health authority card, it will become easy to avail of the health-related schemes launched by the government. The data stored in this id card will be secured, and no one will have to worry about the privacy of health-related information.  

The id will help to create inoperability in the digital health ecosystem, like the digital payment systems that revolutionized the payment traditions.  

2- Different unique ID

 The digital health mission provides a 14-digit unique code as an identification number. This unique code will work as the health account for every individual. It will enable the access and exchange of health records with the citizen’s consent. All the health-related information will be a repository in this with the help of this digital ID.  

3- Data stored in one place

 The health account will allow you the store the records of the tests, diseases, the doctors you visited for the treatments, treatment details, and medicine in one place. The details are easily available to access with the help of the account holder’s consent. If you are traveling to another city and you fall ill or face any issues because of the old disease, then it might become difficult to explain your condition to the doctors in the new place. 

New tests will have to be done to get an idea about the exact condition of the disease. The health account will ensure you don’t face any issues. The doctors will get access to your previous records with the help of a unique id and can initiate the treatment process.

  4- Linked to the ID card

  The NHA ID card is created by using the basic details of the citizen. The details from the Aadhar card will be accessed when you add the Aadhar card number to the portal. The number linked to the Aadhar card will be used for basic information for the contact. The 14-digit unique health id will be linked to the Aadhar and the mobile number you have given. You can link personal health records with the help of a mobile app.  

5- Free of cost

 It is free and voluntary to get the NHA ID card. The government has concluded that analyzing the country’s health data will help it plan future budget schemes for the betterment of the citizens.  

The government launched the digital health mission for the betterment of the country’s people. The digital health card will make it easy for people to access the previous records of the illness and the treatment. If you want to know more about the NHA ID card, you can visit Bajaj FinServ Health Limited.