Is PGDM Better Than MBA?

More students choose management programs as the IT industry, and corporate culture grow. When deciding between MBA and PGDM, students are frequently perplexed. While the course content is identical, crucial differences might help us determine which is superior, MBA or PGDM.

In the absence of this knowledge, people may make erratic choices. Both the MBA and the PGDM are postgraduate courses of study. Because the word “diploma” is associated with PGDM, it’s considered a lower-ranking degree than MBA, even though the Association accredits both programs to Advance Collegiate Business Education (AACSB). It, however, is a mistaken notion, as each has advantages and disadvantages.

Career goals, budget, academic background and performance in MBA entrance exams, college ranking and placement record, and PGDM versus MBA income in India are essential considerations.

Although MBA is the more sought-after course, many students are transferring their focus to PGDM because of its curriculum, which has been created and revised to reflect the present scenario. A diploma in business management is a short-term certificate program that teaches students the skills they need to work in a wide range of areas, from accounting to marketing.

Accreditation of PGDM vs. MBA

The AICTE accredits autonomous colleges that offer PGDM programs, while universities offer MBA programs. Although the IIMs no longer provide an MBA, you’ve probably heard that they are the most incredible places in India to earn a PGDM. An MBA and PGDM in India may be considered the same course of study. Before 2017, IIMs only offered a PGDM, but following the passage of the IIM Bill, they have begun offering MBA programs. The PGDM is a better option if you’re hoping to break into or advance in the corporate world.

In India, the word “PGDM” is often used as a synonym for “MBA” for some of the country’s most prestigious business schools. The PGDM program at ISB Hyderabad is still available. However, it requires job experience. It means that a comparison of a PGDM and an MBA is impossible in India.

Which is better, MBA or PGDM?

To determine which MBA or PGDM program is best suited to your needs, you should first look at the entrance standards for both programs.

When choosing an MBA or PGDM school, recruiters often look at the school’s brand name and a candidate’s academic credentials.


  • Develop Management Skills: For most MBA programs, the curriculum focuses on leadership and management skills; sales of products and services, product development, advertising, creating connections or partnerships with other businesses, keeping the company’s finances healthy; gathering and producing reports based on industry data; hiring top talent and enhancing employee retention, among other aspects.
  • Network building: There is a wealth of alumni networks for MBA students to explore at their universities. Through these relationships, students can land their dream jobs, better grasp how to adjust to changes in the corporate environment quickly, and discover new strategies for success.
  • Accelerate career prospects: According to Princeton Review, an MBA degree is increasingly required to promote senior positions in consumer marketing, finance, and banking during economic downturns.
  • High salary: With an MBA, Bloomberg Businessweek anticipated that those who quit their jobs to get the degree would have an 80% increase in their annual earnings.
  • Entrepreneur opportunity: Students can establish their firm with the proper industry knowledge and concepts and an MBA degree. There is no other course that gives students the tools to launch their own company.


  • Open to all aspiring students from any academic discipline: PGDM Syllabus aims to mold students’ careers from any discipline. A bachelor’s degree in any field with the required percentage is acceptable for admission to the PGDM program.
  • Interdisciplinary course: To address industry demands, the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a multidisciplinary program that incorporates subjects like Accounting, Economics, and Finance. Instead of focusing on just one issue, the PGDM program provides students with an all-encompassing education.
  • Educating future managers: There is a growing need for quality managers in the country. Training and development cost a significant portion of their budgets for many organizations. An MBA program prepares students for positions in industries and markets where they need their skills and knowledge to be in-demand.
  • Impact on current salary or job: The PGDM program aids aspirants in their pyramid ascent. It provides salary increases, promotions, and CV improvements by keeping up with market demands.

PGDM or MBA – Which is better?

There is a big difference between PGDM and MBA, and now it’s up to you which one is best for you!

However, take in mind the following considerations when selecting any of these programs:

  • Compare the cost of the PGDM to the cost of the MBA.
  • Examine the course offerings. Please keep in mind that the PGDM program focuses more on the practical aspects of management, while the MBA program is theoretical.
  • An MBA or PGDM from a reputed institution is equivalent to gaining a job. If a student decides to pursue a Ph.D., an MBA degree is always preferred above a bachelor’s degree.
  • There is no distinction between an MBA and a PGDM without further study.

Question: Which is best in the longer run – MBA or PGDM?

This question has two answers.

Ans1: India’s and the world’s jobs

If you graduate from a reputable B School, there is no difference in job chances between MBA and PGDM. 9/10 finest B colleges in India offer PGDM. Placements are based on the college’s reputation, alumni network, and industry perception.

Ans2: In the context of education

A candidate for a Ph.D. or double MBA is always given precedence if they have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Even if the differences between the two degrees are minimal, an MBA is preferred over a Master’s Diploma because it is a Master’s degree.

Final text

As a result, if one does not intend to pursue further education in the discipline, there is no distinction between a PGDM and an MBA. The important thing to remember is that you should obtain a PGDM degree from a reputable institution.