How to Use Instagram to Boost Your Business

Insta doesn’t just allow you to share photos and videos that will make your friends jealous. You can also use it to market your business. The Instagram app is used by a billion people worldwide every month. The vast majority of these one billion Instagram users follow a business. The potential reach of your business on this visually-focused social media platform is 800 million people.

Would you like to know how to utilize Instagram for your business? No problem! 

Why Instagram Business Account is necessary

You can create a personal account or a business account on Instagram. You can also buy IG accounts cheaply.  In order to access useful expanded features on Instagram, you should switch from a personal Instagram account to an Instagram Business account. In your bio, you can add business hours and an address if you have an Instagram business account. Personal profiles do not have the “message” and “email” calls to action buttons provided by business accounts. Furthermore, Instagram Business accounts are able to tag products in their posts.  

Do Instagram Business accounts cost anything? 

Not at all. It’s free to use Instagram Business. You can start learning how to use Instagram for your business by first making an account. Thereafter, you can convert Instagram account to business account.

How to Successfully Use Instagram for Your Business

After creating your business account, follow these strategies to learn how to make Instagram a powerful tool for marketing, sales, and customer service.

  • Share Content Consistently
  • Share posts and Stories to Instagram on a regular basis. 

How to use Instagram stories and Instagram posts. 

Once you post on Instagram, your post will stay forever, unless you decide to delete it. It is advisable to use your posts to make updates with nicely polished photos and quality content. Instagram stories usually disappear after 24 hours, just to give you enough time to play with them. Instagram stories are great way to show what you are working on in your business.

Even though Instagram allow you to share several photos with every post you create. It is better to limit photos you share to two or three. If you post more than once every day, you may end up spamming your followers. Since stories are separate from the rest of the feed, you can attach together as many stories as you want, and add as many as you want without the worry of spamming followers.

When posting videos on Instagram posts, ensure they are upto one minute or upto 15 seconds long. Hashtags can also be used in Instagram post . It is always advisable to use as many hashtags in your caption. You can also add a collection of important hashtags at the end of the caption.

On Instagram stories you can use one or two hashtag stickers to prevent clutter. Always use photos and videos that reasonate with your audience. To reach new followers, you can use trending topics with hashtags. Always remember to stay true to your brand in everything you post.