How to open a retail store in 2020 in Just 3 Steps Beginners Guide

How to open a retail store in 2020 in Just 3 Steps | Beginners Guide

How to open a retail store in 2020 in Just 3 Steps Beginners Guide

“how to open a retail store in 2020 ”  Nowadays, we see people buying things from online stores. They take interest and believe them.But have you ever notice that believing online stores is better than believing the retailers shop.Because on online store we can just find a piece of variety but on retailers shop we can find the bulk of variety.

Retailers are an important part of the market chain. But the questions again arise. What is retailer’s shop? Why us it important? How one can earn from this business??

So What is Retail shop ? 

The store which supplies small quantity of product or services to the public.Retailer is the person who directly buys the products from the manufacturer and end up selling them to the customers at some high price from the actual price.

But How to open a retail store in 2020? 

Starting a retail shop business have been found a good and better idea of warning money.We always wish to have a successful business But to have it there are some tips which should be kept in mind and used for your business.If retail shop exist in the market then it helps the product to reach the final customer. This is also the goal of marketing. Thus retailing facilitates marketing activities by targeting a wide variety of customers.

Start a Retail Business in Just 3 Step:

  1. Set a action plan
  2. Take Legal approval & Licenses
  3.  Do Experiments & maintain their Results

Step 1: Set a action plan 

Start a Retail Business in Just 3 Step

There is 8 simple ways to  that can help you setup a action plan

  1. Right product: Always choose the right product according to the demand in the market.
  2. Advertisement: Doing advertisement of your business can make people attract and can also make understanding mind towards your business or shop.
  3. Shop name: Keeping a unique name of a shop can make customer’s attract. It also helps in the publicity.
  4. Site: Having a social networking site of your business would help you in promoting your business.
  5. Soft launch: Doing small campaigns can bring traffic to your site which will help you to get more customers.
  6. Employees and policies: Employees and the policies of the shop or business make the first expression on the customer. So prefer hiring good and convincing employees.
  7. Viral marketing: Once your soft launch is done you can viral your site and business by keeping events and having press.
  8. Sales channel: Try to build up your sales on the channels by writing blogs which are more likely used by customers.

Knowing the tips only won’t help.

Step 2: Take Legal approval & Licenses

Legal approval & Licenses

So now here we have 4 main points which are need to remember to set a legal structure and important to start a shop.

  1. Rent agreement: Taking any place from the owner to make it your shop will be rent shop. And it will carry a agreement about the monthly money you’ll have to pay or about the shop till when you’ll have it.
  2. Shop act-license: If a person wants to commence his or her shop in the market then within the jurisdiction of Government he or she has to register itself under the act by taking license. Through this you and your shop remain safe.
  3. GST number: GST number has become the most important part of a product or the thing you are buying. Every whole seller or retailer have their own GST number.

Step 3: Do Experiments & maintain their Results

Experiments how to open a retail store in 2020

It is easier to conduct experiment for retail-based businesses & observe the results. Here are 3 successful Experiments that you can implement.

  1.  Collect the Customer data & use this data for Email marketing  & SmS marketing with new offers.
  2. Create Affiliate for your Retail Business i.e  commission based agents that brings customer to your shop. you can hire Collage student at cheaper commission.
  3. Give discount coupon ( for next visit ) to customers when they buy particular amount of  Product of certain value.  it can create chain of buying.


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