How To Create A Successful Promotional Video For Your Startup – A Simple Guide

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If you want to target the audience to sell your product profitably, you need promotional videos. These types of videos are created so that the audience will relate to them after watching. Through promotional videos, the companies selling any product aim to solve the audience’s problems in their daily lives.

These videos are generally short videos with a storyline. Through these videos, the companies also highlight their goals. They are produced to advertise everywhere across the internet. They also contain information about the company. However, the budget needs to be taken care of.   Furthermore, they showcase a variety of products. Not only that, but they also wish their customers and highlight the success of the events that happened in the past. 

After creation, these videos are uploaded across website landing pages, marketing emails, and presentations to the sponsors. The audience views these videos frequently across several social media platforms. If you are a startup company, you should explore the benefits of making these promotional videos.

There are several steps involved in creating stunning videos for promoting products.

  • Decide what you want

If you are running a startup company, you should be clear with the actual output you want to present. Think of the storyline and write a script. First, the creators must have a simple idea of the purpose of making the promotional videos. Unless you have a simple concept, you can’t make it cost-effective. Thus, the goals must be set, and then think of a story to write the dialogues of the video. 

The primary motive for creating the promotional videos is simple. It includes spreading awareness about the new brand in the market. It also consists of the increasing engagements of the customers. Also, educating them and driving the traffic and the sales. 

  • The direction of the video is necessary

Being a startup company, you should choose a long-term and a short-term goal and then proceed after diciding experiential marketing techniques. Then select the desired direction of the video. There are several directions in which the storyline can be set. These include explanatory, narrative, introductory, focusing on the product. Also, the informative, solution to a problem, entertainment, and many more. Every creator must complete the direction before setting the storyline of the video. 

  • Storyboarding is important

Using storyboards, you can plan out your entire storyline in advance. List all the features that you want to show in your video and map out all. A storyboard is a rough sketch to represent the idea visually before creating the actual video. You can make several sketches on a storyboard to get one perfect shot. These versions give the creators options to choose the perfect story. They also make the shoot easy. Thus, after the storytelling session is over, select the storyline. Then, it is crucial to have a storyboard.

  • Visualize the final video before creating it.

The companies create every promotional video using the promo video maker. But before starting the shooting and editing, creators should visualize the video. For that, they make a prototype like the graphics used in the storyboard. It will help the creators visualize the actual video. It will also check whether the video is according to their expectation. If you are a creator, you will always prefer checking whether it satisfies the customers. Thus, visualization is essential.

  • Select the style of the video

The style of the video is also a significant factor. Creators use several styles while curating a promotional video for any company. These include actual people, stock, animated, whiteboard, screencast, and many more. Creators use these styles while creating the video. There are plenty of tools available in the market, they can use any promotional video maker to make these videos. Every consumer has their individual choices and prefers watching styles of their choice. Thus, it is necessary to survey. Then derive the results of the style that the consumers prefer.

  • Select the appropriate tone

The entire promotional video depends on the feeling of the audience. The more relatable the video is, the more will be the sales of the product. Because of this reason, the tone of the entire video must be set. The creator can select any tone without compromising the creative direction. Like directions, there are several types of tones. They include the options to choose from and put in place in the promotional videos. These include drama, informative, urgent, humorous, and many more. 

  • Script out the details

Decide the fundamental elements of the video, then write the dialogues. Preparing the script is essential. It is because it becomes easier to stick to the storyline once everyone clears the concept. However, there are certain elements that you should take care of. These elements are keywords and crucial concepts. Note that the entire duration of the video must not be more than a minute. Thus, script your promo video satisfying this condition as well. Therefore, scripting is one of the most critical parts while making a promotional video. 

  • Produce, assemble, and promote

Once the above steps are complete, you will proceed with the video production part. The video creators will start shooting for the promotional video. Once the shooting completes, they assemble all the different videos. These promo video makers have several features that make the video very attractive.

 Assembling the entire video and producing it is the post-production stage. First, the video editor completes the editing of the video. Then you proceed with the promotion part. Finally, start uploading the video across several social media platforms. By doing this, you can reach the highest number of audiences. 

After that, attach the video to the emails like a newsletter or e-blast. Several other places include paid ads and websites. You can re-target your followers and can promote time-sensitive promotions as well. 


For any startup company, it is significant to follow a few rules:

  1. Every startup company aspires to grow more. Growing more also means earning profits.
  2. People don’t trust new companies.
  3. Consumers feel more comfortable using the products which they trust.

Thus, to introduce the company and the products, promotion is the only way. 

People now have a low attention span. Thus, videos are the only way to grab the attention of consumers. Therefore, startup companies should follow the above steps while creating their promotional videos. 

In short, it is very important to have a storyline, portray it on the storyboard and then write the script. And while doing that, the creators should take care of the tone and direction of the video. Also, the video must be within a fixed time limit. That will differentiate a promotional video from other types of videos. Finally, after completing all the procedures and preparations, start producing the video. 

After shooting, the creators assemble the small fragments. After that, they continue editing the promo video, which enables makers to make it professional and appealing. The video should be in such a fashion that the audience could not resist buying the product. Finally, the consumers go to the shopping website by clicking on the call to action.