Norton 360 error 8504 104 , Norton error 8504 104 , Norton error 8504

6 Amazing Steps To fix Norton Error 8504 101 And 104

Are you very much troubled with Norton 360 error 8504 104 and 101 frequently? Often such errors occur on Norton Antivirus systems. People try to resolve this problem clueless about the main causes of such errors and panic frantically.

Thus, for such incidents, we have proper form required meticulous research about Norton error 8504 104 and 101 ourselves.


This article will discuss the causes and various necessary solutions on issues caused by such errors. But before moving on to the solution, we have to properly know what we mean by error code 8504 and the reasons behind its occurrence.

What causes Norton error 8504 104 to be displayed on your desktop?

Before introducing anything about Norton errors 8504 and 104, we would like to inform you that this is a very critical technical concern. Thus, you must take this problem seriously while dealing with this error message. Instead of one single reason, several causes result in Norton error 8504 104

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These causes may be General or circumstantial that leads to such criticality. So let us learn about these reasons carefully one by one.

  • One of the primary causes may be the improper installation of Norton Antivirus software in your computer or Android system. This will probably occur in the system, which has a pre-installed Antivirus Product before Norton Antivirus installation.
  • The second reason might be the conductance of an incomplete installation procedure. There is also a possibility of the complete failure of Norton antivirus software, leading to Norton error code 8504 and 104.
  • Sometimes, when you upgrade Norton Antivirus into its latest version, the entire up-gradation process might fail due to some technical issue. This may result in Norton 360 error 8504 in your operating system.

These are some commonly ok wearing reasons behind Norton error code 8504 and 104 in your computer device.

Different types of Norton error 8504

Let us take a brief look at Northern error 8504 occurrences from a technical point of view. There is a high possibility that customers might be experiencing and Norton error 8504 frequently. This error message may be displayed on your device even if your device’s screen has 8504 in the inbox. Sounds very confusing, right?

This occurrence may be because Norton errors 8504 and 104 have other similar varieties. These Norton error messages similar to NortonEror 8504 104 are as follows

  • Norton error 8504 0
  • Error 8504 5
  • Norton error 8504 and 104Error 8504 106
  • Error 8504 and 100
  • Norton error code 8504 101
  • Norton error message 8504 102

Any of these error messages will be displayed on your screen in case of issues related to Norton error 8504. It is also a possibility that a User experiences more than one Norton error at the same time. Certain tricks will enable you to resolve such Encounters most quickly and safely as possible.

Six steps to resolve Norton error code 8504 and 101 and related problems

Before fixing problems related to error code 8504 and 101 or related error messages, you need to ensure these few things at first.

  • Ensure that you have your Norton account in a currently working position before performing the repairing procedure.
  • Make sure that you have an activated subscription to your Norton Antivirus Product.

After checking for these two things, you can move on to the procedure steps to fix Norton 360 error 8504

Eliminating other existing antivirus in your operating system

This is crucial to ensure that your device does not consist of any other software or Antivirus Product apart from Norton antivirus security. This is because your Norton Antivirus will not start working if other antivirus software is pre-installed in your operating system.

To ensure this, you can follow these actions-

  • Click on the win + R button and then type appetizer. cpl on the displayed screen. Press enter to submit.
  • A new window will appear on your computer screen where you will be e able to find the entire list of programs pre-installed on your device.
  • Choose the antivirus or free security tools from the list and then click on an option to uninstall or remove the selected program.
  • After this, you need to move ahead and remove the program by following on-screen instructions as they continue to appear.
  • Once the installation of your previous security system and proper installation of Norton security is done, then just restart your device. If you are device still displays Norton error 8504 104, then move on to the next step.

Norton removes and frees install the tool

  • If you select Norton to remove and install the tool, you can eradicate this error message much faster.
  • Visit Norton’s official website and download the Reinstall tool from the webpage.
  • After downloading into your computer system, open the download folder and install the required Norton remove and reinstall the tool.
  • Select the advanced option and then click on remove only from the dropdown list after completion of its installation process.
  • Finally, select remove the tab and restart your device.

Updating your system’s graphic card

To remove Norton errors 8504 and 104, you can check if there is any conflict between your system graphic card and Norton antivirus software.

For this, select the following.

My computer>Manage option> Device Manager>Display Adapters >type “devgmt.dsc” and click Enter>double check Display Adapters> SELECT HD Graphic Card > Update Driver software

After following these actions, restart your computer and check again for Norton 360 error 8504.

If still facing the error message, move on to the fourth step.

Updating the device drivers in your computer

You can auto-fix error 8504 by making the required up-gradation in the device drivers of your operating system. However, your device remains connected to the internet for measure 80 of the time. Therefore, your device driver sometimes needs updates to be done manually.

Windows installation procedure

Customers are required to monitor their PC to check for any possible flags or errors in Windows operating system. This issue arises if you have an outdated or corrupt running on your PC.

For example, these are some of the common causes behind Norton 360 error 8504 104. The easiest way to check this problem is by installing the fresh new operating system, and this solution works well for Norton errors 8504 and 104.

Taking assistance from Norton auto-fix tool

You can download the Northern auto-fix tool from the web and run it into your system. Then follow the instruction as they appear on your display screen to troubleshoot error 8504 effectively. This procedure is done automatically and fixes Norton errors 8504 and 101 in no time.

Our research and expert statistics show Norton error 8504 can be easily resolved by following these six amazing rescue steps. All these solutions are capable of fixing your problem with minimum to know extra Technical help.

However, if the error persists, users are advised to get technical assistance from the nearest Norton service center. The dedicated staff here is always ready to help you out anytime in need of assistance.