Discard Things Without Overloading the Landfills with These Tricks

Nothing can feel and look more peaceful than a well-organized home. Then, why do most homes look messy? You can blame it on your hoarding habit. Many items in the house are trash-worthy, especially those you never use, despite having several plans around them. Please avoid them because they are trash. Since every home contains hundreds of small and oversized items, one may wonder how to get rid of them quickly and not create any nuisance for already burdened landfills. Luckily, purging is simple, as it’s all about developing a muscle. Once you leave your emotions aside and evaluate your choices practically, you can declutter your house efficiently.

Installation of a garbage disposal unit in the kitchen can be the starting. It will handle all the daily food waste safeguarding the dumping yards. Since these units make kitchen chores more organized, you can explore this idea conveniently. Let’s explore other areas.


Whether or not you get adequate time for reading, you must have collected all sorts of books to decorate your tiny home library to impress your guests. Go through the shelves to say goodbye to something you will never read. Local libraries can accept them. You can also sell them at a fundraising event. Check community centers and schools that also invite reading materials. Of course, charities can also be an excellent place to donate those books. Some homeowners host a garage sale to raise money by selling their books. Follow in their footsteps if this interests you. Or, check a bookstore that keeps used books. Options are unlimited. 

Mobile phones

Changing cell phones for an upgraded version has become a fashion. But before getting a new one, figure out where you can donate your older phone. Those who recycle or refurbish old mobile phones can be your best bet. Some brands also accept used electronics under their recycling programs. You can talk to them as well.


When you spring clean your house, you realize how many unused or unwanted clothes have occupied your closet for no reason. You kept them back, thinking you would wear them next time. However, that day never came. Please remove them. You can donate these articles to homeless shelters, churches, and other places for the needy. Even thrift stores can be an excellent option. If you are an enterprising personality, consider reselling them. Many platforms help with this. However, badly damaged or worn clothes can be suitable for recycling. You can check with local nonprofit organizations for assistance.


The best way to do away with furniture items is to list them on reseller sites. Choose a platform that offers shipping services across the nation. You can watch out for yard sales, which typically require haggling skills. If your furniture is in decent condition, you can send it to goodwill centers. Something in poor condition can be recycling-worthy. Find a junk removal company that can take care of this part. Sometimes, the health of the furniture may prevent you from keeping it any further. In that case, you must determine the local bulky item handling policies. With proper knowledge, you can leave an item at the curb without hesitation.

Plastic storage containers

Some people keep storing plastic containers, thinking they will use them later. After a long wait, they either lose their bottoms or lids. A few become damaged. These also unnecessarily burden your shelves and cabinets. Please get rid of them. Containers with stamps signaling No. 1 and 2 are usually recyclable. You can check the container logo for this. You can approach a recycling company to know if they accept them.


Selling them away at a yard sale can be challenging because people will hunt for the best bargains. If you collected some lovely antiques and art pieces, search for platforms that handle these. You can list your products and earn some cash from the trash. It’s better to sell items individually than collectively, even if they were in a set. You want to discard them because some pieces are missing now. 


People love buying new pairs of shoes frequently, even if they already have many. Again, it adds to the clutter. If you want to update your shoe collection, make space for them by chucking the old ones out. Something in healthy condition can go to charities for impoverished people. Irreparable options can be suitable for the recycling process. Again, some reputable companies collect branded athletic shoes for this purpose. You can visit the retail stores where they accept such items.

Entertainment items

Everyone loves watching movies and music and playing video games. That means you will have many cassettes, DVDs, and CDs at home. If the sight of these things makes you panic because of the clutter they create, you can give them to someone who likes to gather collectibles. List them on a proper platform or sell them at a local store. Even thrift stores accept such donations. Do you have kids’ games and movies? Childcare centers, schools, and hospitals can also take them. Damaged tapes and discs can go to recycling centers. 


If your older pair of specs no longer serves you, donating to someone in need is better. Check places that help people with vision impairment. You can contact them through their website or visit their location. Some retailers also accept old glasses for recycling or refurbishment.


TV, computer, and other electronics contain reusable parts even when not operating correctly. You can drop them off at a place that takes electronic waste. Their recycling program handles the stuff responsibly.

Please find those places that recycle, reuse, or hand over the household and other items to the right people. No matter what you want to discard, you will realize it doesn’t necessarily belong to the landfill. Instead, it can still have some better use. While it helps decrease your carbon footprint, your home becomes prettier. It can suddenly feel a lot lighter, fresh, and spacious. However, avoid the temptation to fill it up again without any actual requirement.