9 Cities To Explore Along the Mexican Riviera

The Mexican Riviera is a region that makes up multiple locations along Mexico’s Pacific Coast. With many sights to see and activities to do, it is a popular destination for people who enjoy escaping cold weather or taking cruise trips. For some ideas when you are planning your next getaway, consider these cities along the Mexican Riviera.

1. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

If you like fishing, handicrafts, water sports or nightlife, Cabo San Lucas is the place to be. Full of hotels and great dining, it is also a top spot for many people’s Mexican Riviera cruise vacation plans. As a favorite location among outdoor adventurers, there are three districts in Cabo:

San Jose del Cabo

Cabo San Lucas

The Corridor

Essentially, these districts are the “Old Town,” “Main Town,” and highway and resort areas.

2. Mazatlán, Sinaloa 

Both socially and economically diverse, Mazatlán has several delightful plazas to explore. For history buffs, the city is rich in 18th-century architecture. If you planning on doing some sunbathing, Mazatlán is also home to some fabulous beaches.

3. San Blas, Nayarit

Whether you want to catch some waves while surfing, chill out at the beach or take a jungle boat tour, San Blas, Nayarit, is the place to do it. With a Spanish fort, a large population of migratory birds and a gorgeous and elegant Playa Hermosa Plaza, there is much to see and do.

4. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

For more of a modern resort town, look no further than Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. With beautiful beaches, sparkling waterfalls and lush jungles, there are many opportunities for adventure here. To catch a breathtaking sunrise or sunset, head over to the Malecon, an impressive stretch of boardwalk along the ocean.

5. Manzanillo, Colima

If you enjoy being outdoors or attending fun festivals, Manzanillo, Colima, is another spot along the Mexican Riviera that you must check out. Here, you can take a swim in the ocean, catch dinner at a world-famous fishing destination or peer into a large volcano. In the fall, you do not want to miss the Dia de Los Muertos festival.

6. Ixtapa, Guerrero

As a planned city that offers calm and beautiful waters for swimming and delicious restaurants, Ixtapa is a place where you can swim with dolphins, go scuba diving and see an abundance of diverse wildlife such as raccoons, deer, armadillos, iguanas and countless species of native birds. Make sure to bring along a camera so you can capture some photos of the fun memories you make.

7. Acapulco, Guerrero

Another city in Guerrero, Acapulco is what many locals consider the original resort town. Despite Ixtapa’s growing popularity, Acapulco remains a top destination, however. As a city that is extremely taxi-friendly, Acapulco offers amazing opportunities for cliff divers, nature lovers and foodies.

8. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

If you love surfing, Puerto Escondido needs to be on your itinerary. Famous for its big waves and excellent surfing conditions, Puerto Escondido is home to numerous fantastic beaches, magnificent waterfalls and an interesting turtle sanctuary. It is also another solid place to go fishing, and skydiving is also popular there. When it comes to beaches, the city has many on its list, including Puerto Angel, Huatulco and Zipotlite.

9. Huatulco, Oaxaca

Another destination in Oaxaca, Huatulco, is a popular place along the Mexican Riviera because it is home to an excellent national park system, beautiful resorts and relaxing beaches. While you are there, you can enjoy the nature of coral reefs, forests and mangroves, and you can travel around by taxis that are readily available. No matter what your budget is, another perk about Huatulco is that there is a wide variety of different accommodation options.

With so much to see and do along the Mexican Riviera, it is unlikely that you will find yourself bored. While this list provides a sample of popular destinations to consider, there are many other places that are also wonderful throughout the region.