10 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Packaging for Your Product


The importance of packaging cannot be overstated. In addition to its obvious impact on consumer behavior, packaging is a powerful tool for sustainability and marketing. Consider the following ten factors the next time you’re researching pouch packaging services.

1. Effective Marketing Through Packaging

Anybody who’s in the product development industry knows that the quality of a product’s packaging is almost as important as the quality of the product itself. Indeed, the packaging of a product is one of the most impactful marketing tools a brand has at its disposal. You can leverage this power by investing in an engaging and unique design.

2. Increase Product Life

The performance of your packaging is just as important as its visual appeal. In addition to making your product look great, packaging must make it last longer, too. Increasing the shelf life of a product is imperative to reducing waste and maximizing revenue.

3. Appeal to Consumers’ Aesthetic Sensibility

Every consumer makes a purchase with their own unique motivations. Some will primarily prioritize price, whereas others will be swayed by the ingredients of a product. Every consumer, though — whether consciously or not — is drawn to aesthetically appealing packaging.

4. Environmental Sustainability Matters

Research shows that consumers are also more likely to buy from brands that are environmentally friendly. If you want to earn the business of eco-minded buyers, you should invest in sustainable mylar bag printing.

5. The Right Packaging Can Increase Sales

Remember, too, that the right packaging is ultimately an investment. When you pour time and effort into your product’s package, you’re likely to see increased sales as a result. Cheap, generic packaging might save your business a few cents, but it will cost you much more in potential revenue.

6. Packaging Should Be Protective

Even if your product is not particularly delicate, you should invest in packaging that protects it from damage. Cosmetics, supplements, and food items are all susceptible to damage from impact, and the distribution process often subjects products to continuous impact.

7. Customize Your Packaging

If you’re looking for a stick pack manufacturer, be sure to partner with a provider that allows you to customize the packaging. This includes adding your business’s logo, colors, and branding, as well as any text that you may want to display.

8. Create an Interactive Packaging Experience

As part of your packaging customization, you can offer customers an interactive experience. Add a QR code that links to a fun game or include your company’s social media usernames so that consumers can interact with you online.

9. Connect With Customers Through Packaging

Ultimately, your packaging should help you connect with customers. You can accomplish this by creating a package that appeals to their values and addresses their concerns. Investing in market research can help you better understand your target customers for this purpose.

10. Partner With a Reliable Packaging Expert

Once you’ve decided what kind of packaging you want for your product, you need to look for a provider that’s affordable, accessible, and reliable. Some packaging professionals don’t meet all of these criteria, so it’s a good idea to read online reviews before choosing a packaging partner.