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Byron Yawn who was born between 1976 and 1981 between 1976 and 1981 in Mississippi, United States is an entrepreneur, pastor and pastor who’s famous as the director for Forrest Crain & Co which is an Tennessee United America-based consulting company. He’s additionally been a part of Petra and , in addition, in the Community Bible Church in Nashville and also served as the pastor’s location and speaker in this article We will inform you about Byron Yawn Wiki Wiki, wife, divorce and net worth, height age and more.


Byron Yann is also known in the form of “Byron Yawn” Pastor. He is an American Businessman, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Media Personality. Byron Yawn is the owner and founder father of Forrest Crain & Co. Based on the most recent research, he was also a member of McGowan and Associates CEO as well as a leading representative for Empower Healthcare.

Byron Yawn was popular when he turned into one of the headlines of information about Chicago’s famous baseball player. Ben Zobrist filed an action against his accuser. Based on the information, Ben broadcasts that Byron Yawn had an affair with his wife Julianna Zobrist.


A former Community Bible Church‘s pastor, Byron Yawn was born into the family of Byron Yawn between 1976 and 1981 from Mississippi, United States. He was born to an orthodox Christian family. But the specific date for the birth for Yawn isn’t known. According to an estimate, Byron Yawn‘s age is 40-45 years old (as as of 2021). He’s had an inventive mind since childhood.

According to media sources, Byron Yawn is a person of mixed ethnical background. Yawn is a committed fan of Jesus and is a follower of the Christian faith.


He was able to spend a lot of time with his family members, but there is no definitive information available regarding the Byron Yawn‘s family members. Byron spent his teenage years in Mississippi together with his cousins and siblings. He is currently living within The United States alongside together and his family.


According to media sources, Byron Yawn graduated from the field of a BA in History at Mississippi College. In addition in addition, he received the degree of Doctorate in Public Communications. After completing his higher studies, he decided to start specialising in his profession. Presently, Byron Yawn is the CEO and founder of a representative company Forrest Crain & Co.


Height 172 cm
Weight 75 kg
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Body Mass Chest 44
Body Mass Waist 32
Body Mass Biceps 19
Shoe Size


Following further studies, Byron Yawn is stepping by step focused on his work and his personal life. Byron Yawn is a former pastor and director for Forrest Crain & Co located in Nashville, a commercial enterprise consulting company. In the past, he worked as the lead representative for Empower Healthcare and additionally served as the CEO of McGowan & Associates. He was a member of Community Bible Church in Nashville. Byron was a student at Mississippi College in which he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in History and Literature. He also received the Doctorate in Communication and Public Relations.

According to the website of the business the bio of the founder reads “Byron believes that every business is today’s not just products, services or cash, but a hard and fast set of words. We call these words “Core Values.” And the degree in which a company is in alignment with its core values is the level at that it will be able to fulfill its goals. As a wordsmith, and structure person, Byron Yawn‘s passion is helping to clarify reasons and creating alignment within the companies we work with. Byron is a lover of time spent with his three children, writing and reading as well as eating out and cycling.”


Discussing his lifestyle, then, Byron Yawn is the spouse to Robin Yawn. In line with the information available, Byron and his spouse Robin Yawn are able to recognize each other in different ways in the past, especially during their school years. Robin, his wife Robin is shared numerous photos with Byron on her Facebook page ‘@robin.Yawn.Seventy Five’.

Speaking about his kids, then, Byron Yawn is the father of three youngsters , one son and daughter. His children’s names are Lauren (daughter), Wade and Blake.

According to the records, Byron and his spouse Robin joined Community Bible Church in 2001. According to modern reviews Robin Yawn discovered that Byron had a phone with a burner in May of 2019. Then, she realized that she was involved in been having an affair Julianna Zobrist.


  • Byron Yawn has been appointed the CEO for Forrest Crain & Co.
  • He had a massive internet net valued at $2-3 million.
  • Byron Yawn has been a successful businessman.


It is expected that his net worth could reach $2-3 million. His main income comes from his business Forrest Crain & Co which is a Nashville-based business consulting company.


It is expected that his net worth could reach $2-3 million. His main income source is his company Forrest Crain & Co which is a Nashville-based business consulting company.

Name Byron Yawn Pastor
Nick Name Byron Yawn
Birth In between 1976 – 1981
Birthplace Mississippi, United States (US)
Gender Male
Profession Pastor of Community Bible Church in Nashville, Entrepreneur, Businessman, CEO of Forrest Crain & Co.
Years Active
Nationality American
Age Between 40 and 45 years (2021)
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Education School – Local School, College – BA in History at Mississippi College, Doctorate in Public Communication
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Cousins Unknown
Height 172 cm
Weight 75 kg
Marital Status Wed with Robin Yawn
Offsprings Daughter: Lauren, Son – 2: Wade and Blake
Current Relation An ongoing affair outside that is ongoing with Julianna Zobrist (Ben Zobrist’s wife) in 2019
Sexuality Straight
Current Residence Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Famous For CEO of Forrest Crain & Co.
Net Worth $2-3 Million
Income Source His own company of Forrest Crain & Co
Website (Forrest Crain & Co.)


According to sources in June 2021, the former Chicago Cubs software player, Ben Zobrist filed an opposition lawsuit against Byron Yawn. According to the complaint. Yawn was accused of having an intimate relationship in the presence of Julianna Zobrist ( Ben Zobrist‘s spouse) and defrauding Zobrist’s charitable foundation.

Based on the review, Ben and Julianna met Byron Yawn at the Community Bible Church in Nashville. Byron Yawn and Julianna Zobrist were in a relationship as of the beginning of August in 2018. There were also reports in the media it was possible that Byron and Julianna were also involved in bodily relationships.

Zobrist said the fact that the Byron Yawn was a liar through the use of his counselor/nonsecular mentor role to fall in love with Julianna. They became close friends in 2018 and began their relationship in the year 2019. In May of 2019, Byron’s wife Robin noticed the pay-as you-go mobile phones of Byron who used them to call Julianna. According to reports, Ben Zobrist and Julianna Zobrist were married in 2005 and have three children. In addition to these, Ben Zobrist has filed a suit against Yawn for fraud against Zobrist’s foundation for charity.

“This Julianna Zobrist Byron Yawn affair information today is shocking. A pastor giving marriage counseling, and simultaneously being involved in affairs with one spouse? under the banner of Christian faith? What is a snake. The most awful kind of human being.” Andrew Burgess


Here are some information on the Byron Yawn

  • Byron Yawn and his wife were gospel ministers at the Community Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • He has ceased to be a pastor or a member of the Community Bible Church.
  • Yawn is the founder and CEO of Forrest Crain & Co, a commercial enterprise-consulting company in Nashville.
  • Byron Yawn became also the CEO of McGowan & Associates and a partner with Empower Healthcare.
  • The former pastor holds earned a doctorate in Public Communication.
  • As a successful entrepreneur the man believes that a certain list of terms (Core Values) are extremely beneficial for the company.
  • According to an estimation, Byron Yawn‘s net worth is 3 million dollars (approx. ).


The most frequently requested FAQs about the Byron Yawn

  1. Who is Byron Yawn?

Byron Yawn is a handsome and accomplished American person who is known as the chief executive officer of Forest Crain and Co. A business consulting firm that is based entirely within the Nashville region. He was also the former leader guide for Empower Health Care.

  1. Where is Byron Yawn now reside?

He lives in the same house with his family and spouse and their children in Nashville, Tennessee.

  1. How did Byron Yawn Begin his Career?

Byron is the CEO of Mc Gowan and Associates. He previously served as the Pastor at Community Bible Church in Nashville.

  1. What is the reason for Byron Yawn in highlight?

He’s present in the spotlight due to his phone call being linked to a matter involving Julianna Zobrist.

  1. What is the Age of Byron Yawn?

Byron Yawn became born on March 4, 1970 according to some reviews however , it’s widely believed the birth date was between 1976 between 1976 and 1981, meaning his age ranges from 40 and forty-five decades (2021).

  1. Who is Byron Yawn’s Wife?

The man of 51 was married Robin Yawn an RN Care Manager at the Neuromuscular Division of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

  1. What is the Net Worth of Byron Yawn?

According to a report, Byron Yawn‘s net worth is $2-3 million.


Byron Yawn, the pastor is in a tough situation. He is however, better in the game than his lover. Although Ben and Julianna’s divorce is a major topic the situation appears peaceful on the side of Byron Yang‘s side. It will be interesting to see the changes that will occur in the end. His life is full of ups, downs with a down turn. He also has made things more complicated by being a felony. He is hoping to emerge from all of this quickly.