Work From Home : 5 Best Online Tools for Teamwork

The sole purpose of every business is cooperation and working together as a team. More work in less time is done when people work as teams. There is a human and non-human factor that affects teamwork. Team spirit, consistency, hard work, dedication, and project progress are the main human factors in collaboration. Meanwhile, the non-human factors are fast output, low human input, and so on – carried out by software and tools.  More yield, more results, and more achievement are obtained at the desired time during peaceful teamwork and cooperation of people around a particular organization. This would, in turn, yield higher profit

This software and tools ensure a faster output and pace of work. They provide human factors like consistency, tolerance, cooperation, hard work, and dedication are constant in the working environment.  Instead, they make things easier and faster for the company. Below is the list of the tools required:

1. PDFBear

PdfBear is a software or tool that helps you convert documents like pdf file format into a different form. With PDFBear, you can add watermark to PDF files as fast as possible. It is used to change PDF documents into Excel, JPEG images, HTML code, Microsoft word, spreadsheet, and any other documents. It is a straightforward tool to use.

It does not require too much technical disposition or technical knowledge. It only requires you to carry out a few simple steps to plan if changing a file format. As a team member working in a business or project together, you need a PDF converter for many reasons. For example, when you have a downloaded ebook, pdf document from one of your customers, you can use PDFBear to make it accessible in a different format. 

PDF bear doesn’t just carry out converting PdF files to editable files (or modification of editable files to PDF files). There are more to it, like merging, splitting files, etc. You can also convert PDF documents into HTML codes for your team to place on the website or anywhere that accepts HTML codes online. Although you can upgrade this tool to the premium package to enjoy more features, this tool has a trial period where you can test its use for free. PDFBear is compatible with operating systems like Mac, Linux, and windows. 

2. ProofHub

ProofHub is a tool that will help your team get work done faster, easier, and together. It does not come with an immediate premium opportunity. Instead, it allows you and your team to test it for a long time before finally deciding on continuing with it. If the team decides to continue with it, the team has to pay in groups for the premium tools. 

It is an all-in-one project management tool or software that improves the efficiency of your work. ProofHub gives you a free trial for several unlimited days until you make your final decision. Even if the team working together on a project or from an organization does not stay under the same roof, the features of Proofhub allow the team to leverage their platform to improve the output, make work easier, faster and smarter. 

3. Slack

With slack, a team is free from distraction and social media waves that will hinder their output in the end. Slack is a messaging tool for professionals who have a set goal and want to avoid getting distracted. It is an alternative to WhatsApp, where your work mode can easily be switched when a status update notification pops up. Slack comes in Pro and Business packages for you and your team to improve your communication. You can discuss progress, schedule, and plans for different projects without seeing each other face to face. Slack is a suitable communication tool for people that handle remote teams. Unlike some messaging platforms, it comes with features that fit the business pattern. 

4. Flowdock

Flowdock is software that brings all your team tools, conversations, work, and project into a place you can easily find them. It is the office from your home. Keeping all your discussions and folders all intact within the space you need them. It looks like a website with a dashboard where you find conversations, emails, alerts, updates, and notifications all in one place. You can easily pick which one to go for in the dashboard when you need them urgently. 

5. Trello

With Trello cards, you are allowed to share each of your work with your team members without sweating. It is a tool (software) that ensures faster sharing, management, administration, and team members’ projects. Using Trello is not tricky. The board-style arrangement makes it easy to understand. 

There are different columns tagged under varying topics. All you have to do is add a member to a card or move the card around. You can just search for “Trello” online and allow the chrome extension on your system. This makes it easy for you to operate in the long run. Your team enjoys workflow, great projects,  and a faster turnaround time for tasks. If you’re looking for a platform that can help you simplify your workflow, Trello is the right application for you. 


If you are having a hard time putting together a remote team, this list of tools outlined above is ready to help the job be more manageable. The fact is that businesses have to work a lot without it, and they will get fagged  up eventually. Converting documents to an editable form or another file type might be strenuous without using an editing tool. 

What if the plan is to record and store important information in a place? And if you are required to be consistent and avoid distractions during your work, you can make use of all of the tools above. Running a business is an arduous task, and you’ll need all the help you can get. From digital tools to in-house teams and also remote teams as well. With the combination of the functions of  PDFBear,  ProofHub, Slack, FlowDock, Trello, you get to improve your output quickly and faster.