AOP Full Form: What Does It Mean?

Introduction of AOP.

AOP can be spelled in its entirety as Association Of Persons. This is a commonly used business term around the world.




What’s the Meaning Of AOP?

The Meaning of AOP means the integration or joining together of more than one person for a common purpose. This is primarily done with the intention of earning some income.

What is an abbreviation for Association of Persons?

The abbreviation AOP stands for Association of Persons.




Indian Income Tax Act (61), defines AOP as the incorporation of people for a common purpose or benefit.

AOP is a contraction for Affiliate Outreach Project. The outreach project can be described as a way to increase your response rate.

AOP stands for Advanced Oxidation Processes.

AOP stands abbreviation for?* Affiliate Outreach Program, Advanced Oxidation Processes Association of Persons.

All other AOP Forms.


Programming with Aspects Information Technology AOP
Agent-oriented Programming Software AOP
Aspect Oriented Programing Software AOP
The Practice Area Messaging AOP
Annual Operational Planning Accounts and Finance AOP
Assembly Operations Space Science AOP
Autonomous Object Platform Computer Hardware AOP
Approved Operating Program Military and Defence AOP
Army Order Of Precedence Military and Defence AOP
Additive Operational Products/project Military and Defence AOP
Plan for Air Operations Military and Defence AOP
Area of Probability Military and Defence AOP

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is AOP?

Annual Operations Plans
It is supported by an Annual Operations Plan, which is based on the company’s annual goal in terms of sales or provide. In order to gradually reach the AOP targets, sales and operation plans link monthly sales and marketing planning on an operations side of a company.

2. What does the AOP stand for?

Programming that is focused on specifics Annual Operations Plans

3. What’s the meaning of AOP when it comes to income tax?

A firm is subject to paying flat tax. A Body of people or an Association of persons (BOI), incorporated or unincorporated. An entity or unit for assessment is an association (AOP), according to the Tax Act. It’s a group of two or more people who come together to achieve a common goal, such as earning an income.

4. What is an AOP in banking?

The AOP (Automatic Underdraw Privilege) is $500.00 overdraft protection that protects qualified customers from checks being returned with insufficient funds. Customers can write checks for up to $500.00 to third parties, regardless of how much they actually have in their accounts.

5. What is AOP’s full meaning?

Aspect-oriented programming

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