A Comparative Overview: Satta Matka vs. Other Betting Games

Betting involves gambling possessions, money or time on the result of a game. There are a variety of betting types! Each includes its own set of rules and regulations concerning the players. All the individual games are available both online and offline based on their area and era of origin. 

In India, the Satta Matka game reigns from the pre-British era. Transitioning through the ages, the game is now also available online. Players from their homes can place bets and win amazing returns. The other names in the genre include fantasy sports and Poker online casino games. Continue with the reading task to learn more about the difference between these game types and find one that suits you.

Satta Matka vs. Other Betting Games

As discussed, Satta Matka is a popular gambling game from India. It has captivated players with a blend of strategy and chance for decades. This, along with the other betting games, involves real money and requires players to use their intuitive skills while placing bets online. But once involved in the game, you will understand there is a difference in the strategies and the game type. Continue to find them out as applicable.

Satta Matka

The origin of Satta Matka traces to Mumbai, India. Initially, it involved punters betting on the opening and closing rates of exported cotton on the New York Cotton Exchange. With time, players started placing bets on random numbers out of a matka. Everything is based on their intuition and thorough knowledge of past games. 

Today, you can also play Satta Matka online! And there are several platforms available online, like Fun88, offering steady returns on the game. Now, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player in the game, the availability to play Satta Matka online adds to the ease. You can bet with real money and win accordingly on Fun88.

 Below Is a List of the Various Types of Bets That You Can Place in the Game

  • Double Patti – The odds are higher. You will have to select two digits and make sure both match the outcome.
  • Single Patti – Choose a single number from 0 to 9. You are a winner if the result matches your guess. 
  • Triple Patti – You must select three digits and wait for the results to match. This bet is particularly famous for greater odds and higher payouts. 

Sports Betting 

As a player, when you bet money on the outcome of a sporting event, it is termed sports betting. Available in different forms, you can bet on multiple sport types – Cricket, Football, Basketball, Horse Riding, Hockey, Kabaddi and more. There are multiple factors involved which determine how much money a sports bettor will be able to win. 

Things might appear similar at the start, but when you look in-depth, they do turn out to be different. In general, when players play Satta Matka online or offline, they do not know the outcome. Also, there are fewer or no chances for the game result to remain unattained or undeclared by the end. However, in sports betting, the bets are placed over individual player’s stakes and performance. This is subject to change concerning the player’s mood or personal health.     

Poker Online Casino Game

Poker and Satta Matka are part of betting live casino setups, with players investing real amounts for a possible outcome. However, closely examining the game designs will help you understand the difference. In Satta Matka, it is the player against the dealer, whereas in a poker game, you have two players competing against each other!  

Moreover, in a poker game, a dealer issues cards to individual players. Now, they independently try to assemble the most valuable hand of cards to poker chips, cash, or other subjects as part of the game. Also, each card’s value in the deck can vary based on the established rules, as the dealer had mentioned at the beginning of any game. There are a variety of poker game types, with their own set of rules and adequate differences! The list includes big blind, bluff, call, cash games, chips, check, deuces, fixed limits, hand and flop. 


The game of Satta Mataka is full of alluring features that help players stay engaged and return for more. Similarly, the other games listed here are part of betting live casino setups on online platforms like Fun88, offering a heap of opportunities for the players to settle for. Remember, all, with their own set of differences, stand a chance for you to win real money. So, choose one you deem suitable and start placing your bets today.