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Mallumv 2024: Illegal sharing and downloading of movies and TV series is the focus of a sizable number of websites. While movies from Bollywood dominate the majority of India’s torrent sites, numerous also host mainstream South Indian films. Many flood sites in south India share movies in Malayalam that are protected by copyright. Take a look at Mallumv, an illegal movie download website that offers Malayalam movies for free.

About Mallumv

The website for Mallumv basically offers Malayalam movies for download. Although most people use it to download Malayalam movies, there are also a ton of Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and English movies available on the website. Mallumv’s also distributes Hollywood films with Malayalam titles. The website also features a few popular web-arrangements.

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Any criminal accusations confronted

Mallumv’s site is as yet on the web and practical. In this way, as of now, specialists have still not demanded any known charges against the proprietors of Mallumv. Notwithstanding, the site continually changes its URL to evade discovery. Downloading anything from Mallumv is a demonstration of robbery as the site transfers motion pictures without the assent of the movie producers.

Categories of Mallumv

English Movie download

  • English movies disclosed from the year 2015 to 2020
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Tamil Movie download

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Malayalam Movie download

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Hindi Movie download

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Kannada Movie download

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Films Leaked by Mallumv

Mallumv frequently reposts recently released movies and TV series from other well-known heist websites. The website also leaks movies that have recently been released in theaters, but these leaks are usually of a low quality. Several movies that have recently been leaked on Mallumv include 1983, Kochi Rajavu, Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte, and Seventh Day.

How Popular is Mallumv

According to, a website that provides metrics for websites in many categories, Mallumv has a global Alexa Rank of 120,180. This position is reliant on traffic data that has collected from a vast global clientele of websites. According to, Mallumv’s Global Alexa Rank increased from 923,438 to 120,180 over the last ninety days, indicating an improvement in the company’s importance. Additionally, shows that each client views 3.9 pages on this website each day, averaging 1:44 minutes per day spent on it.

Overall Google Trends examination of Mallumv’search interest for as far back as a year

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What is the assessed worth of Mallumv

Mallumv is estimated to be valued US$ 44,974, according to, a website that provides subtle information on the value of websites. This estimated value is based on’s automated evaluation of a website’s advertising revenue based on its visibility to the public and positioning data, which includes data from Similar to how Mallumv affects the film industry by distributing stolen content, it is also estimated by to generate US$ 50,040 in advertising revenue annually from an estimated 3.35 million visits that view an estimated 16.74 million pages annually.

Notice: We do not intend to encourage or promote robbery in any way. Under the Copyright Act of 1957, robbery is considered a real violation and constitutes proof of wrongdoing. The purpose of this page is to inform the public about robberies and to compel them to take precautions against them. We also ask that you refrain from empowering or participating in stealing inside any kind of structure.

FAQs of Mallumv

From Mallumv, what will I receive?

You can watch Tamil, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies in Mallumv. Tamil is another language in which English movies are available.

What is the Mallumv Movies File Format?

You may download movies in 1080p, 720p, and 420p resolutions with Mallumv.

Is Mallumv a genuine person?

Mallumv isn’t legal, sorry. Mallumv provides you with copyrighted and pirated content, which is why this website was blocked by the government.

Is it illegal to browse in Mallumv?

No, you may freely browse Mallumv. However, if you download a flood record from Mallumv, things could get dangerous.

Does Mallumv ask for enrollment in order to download movies?

It’s okay for Mallumv to download movies. You can download movies without signing up or completing any information exchange forms.

Mallumv is ready for his Tamil cinema debut. The only reason you should be wary with Mallumv is that it offers pirated movies. For this purpose, we have captured Mallumv’s Legal Alternative Website so you may refer to choices for the safeguarded side.

What are the available goal films in the Mallumv?

The objective progresses to HD grade images with 240 megapixels, 360 megapixels, and 480 megapixels.

What makes Mallumv unique?

Mallumv provides free downloads of English and South Indian language movies, mostly Tamil films in your regional dialects.

Is Mallumv not allowed?

The Government of India’s strategy prohibits the use of sites like Mallumv. Nonetheless, after the public authority closes any of the firsts, the site workers figure out how to open up new areas and intermediaries.