How To Name Change In Free Fire?

When players first begin playing a new game certain players don’t pay attention when they choose or enter the game’s name.


Similar to Free Fire, the players can choose their IGN when they start Free Fire for the very first time. The name is forever and can’t be changed without cost. Players are required to spend 390 diamonds in order to change their current game name.

A lot of new players are not aware of how to change the IGN on Free Fire. This article will write the steps that players can change their usernames in the game.

How do you alter your personal name on Garena Free Fire


Step 1. You will need to launch your Garena Free Fire game on your phone and then click your current nickname , which is displayed on the main screen in the upper left corner.

Step 2. Hit the “Notebook icon that will display as a yellow colored icon after you tap the name you are currently using. The notebook icon appears right below the place where your current nickname appears.

Step 3. The new screen will pop up asking you to create a brand new nickname. The characters should be under 12 characters.

When you enter an initial name, the system will check to see whether the name you’ve selected is already taken. If it is utilized the game will suggest a name similar to it or you can try different names until you discover the one that isn’t previously utilized.

STEP4.When you’ve selected the nickname and when it’s ready the system will request for 800 diamonds in order to alter the name.

As we mentioned earlier You will need to spend 390 diamonds in order to change the name of your game for Free Fire.

Tip: 800 diamonds appear to be rather a lot of money to change your nickname, because they are able to be utilized more effectively with other items in the game. The key thing to remember is to consider your options before choosing the name, so that you don’t regret your choice the decision later.


Here are a few names you can choose to choose to use or alter:

#1 e1gh+

#2 Icicle

#3 H3LL



#6 Ing’ERnAL

#7 AxLE

#8 shgosvtlv



Free Fire stylish names generator

Nickfinder is among the most well-known websites that is utilized by Fire Fire players to generate attractive nicknames for their profiles. You can enter any name and the system will give you a range of options that you can choose from. The majority of names are usually based on famous characters, pets and others. These include names like Panda, Ninja, Joker, Gangster etc. Users just need to type these names into the search bar, and the results will show a variety of variants that you can duplicate and apply directly to your profile page.

In addition to websites There are also a variety of applications on the PlayStore that provide many nickname combinations. Like the free online Free Fire stylish names generator These apps let you paste nicknames using decorated text and fonts.

Free Fire requires its players to choose their game names, or IGNs, before they start playing at first. The creators, Garena, also allow their players to alter their game names at any time, but there’s an issue: they’ll need diamonds in order to make the change.


30 stylish and trendy Free Fire names

#1 bletz

#2 Master Mind

#3 Global


#5 tlvhgvnenam

#6 Summit



#9 milYUAHTlC|

#10 Omchga

#11 AC1D

#12 PR1ME

#13 Shan Gun ENGpe

#14 Zhua Chi Nian Xin Fang K’Zhe Chi

#15 khemathothopekhepoXia h


#17 Hpsper

#18 Yi the gatlhitho

#19 StatlhivkiXia

#20 (T)(N)(T)

#21 LDST

#22 Mercy


#24 Xin Ji RJi AZhua RIUKao

#25 Juggernaut


#27 fipez’

#28 [H][O][U][N][D]

#29 Glaze

#30 K9

The standard keyboards on smartphones do not contain fancy fonts and symbols. Therefore, users would need to go online using sites like or to add these symbols into their names.

How can I find diamonds for Free Fire

There are a variety of ways players can obtain complimentary diamonds from Free Fire. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is to be on the lookout at the calendar of game occasions (the calendar is located in the upper right-hand corner on the screen’s main page). It is also possible to take a look at the rewards for each day and shop at the store in the game. Additionally you can also choose the option of weekly and monthly subscriptions directly on your cell phone, and get daily diamonds or bonuses.

How To Change Nickname In Free Fire Without Diamond

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular game genres, has been able to surpass 1.1 billion downloads across the globe. The reason for the game’s success lies in its amazing graphics.

Every day, Free Fire comes up with innovative concepts and events. Additionally, the development of each mode is amazing such as the ranked games such as clash squad, the iconic game convey crunch and numerous others.

Garena has just launched new battle royale application dubbed the free-fire max. The idea behind this application is similar to Garena’s free fire application. Garena free fire app. But, the free fire max comes with updated graphics that make this game much more fun to use. If you own a powerful game phone with a large memory or a computer it is possible to play the game.

If you sign up for an account for the game free of charge it asks for an account name. The username is created specifically for your game character. It also creates you appear as a distinct person during the game. A lot of players have a different username to sign up and would like to change their username after a certain period of time.

Then, in Garena Free Fire, should your wish to change your name (username) it is necessary to pay a certain amount of diamonds. If you own a name changer card, you can change your name with no diamonds.

Today, thanks to this amazing and thrilling article, you’ll get the information you need to change your nickname within the free fire, without Diamonds.

How do I change my nickname in free fire with diamonds

There are two options for altering your name (username) during the game. One is to spend 390 diamonds. The alternative is to simply making use of a name change card.

If your current free fire ID does not have the number of achievements and skins, then create a brand new ID and give it the most memorable name. However If your current account has had many clothes, outfits, and has earned a decent ranking, then you need to make use of a name changer card or diamonds earned for free to change the name of the account.

1. Change your name with free diamonds

Many people think that you can only acquire diamonds when you pay real cash on them, however this isn’t true. Today, it is possible to receive diamonds for free on your fire account that is free. You must follow a few easy steps. To change nicknames on the fre fire you will require at least 390 diamonds. If you follow the steps below, you can earn 390 diamonds by changing the name of your fire for free.

First, open the Free Fire Diamonds Generator.

Scroll down the page to the bottom, and you’ll see the “form” for obtaining free diamonds.

You can enter your free fire username there, and then click the generate diamonds.

In a matter of minutes in the game, you’ll get 390 diamonds on your fire account for free, and you are able to claim them through the game’s in-game mailbox.

After you’ve accumulated the diamonds, go to your fire profile for free. tap the pencil icon located on the left-hand side of your name.

Then, you’ll be presented with a form asking for the name of your choice. You can enter the name you wish to use.

Select”three90 diamonds,” and then click on the “390 Diamonds” option for changing the nickname in a successful manner.

Following these steps, you will be able to change your nickname on the free fire , without diamonds. But, we’re using 390 diamonds as part of this way, but we haven’t bought the diamonds with money. Instead, we’ve utilized an application to obtain 390 diamonds at no cost.

2. Change your nickname using name change card

The use of a Name Change Card is the most effective option to alter your name to the free Fire without Diamonds. You can easily obtain this card through the store section or guild reward section, alternatively, you can obtain this card at different events to earn rewards.


How do I get a name change card for free fire

If you’ve claimed 390 diamonds through the method that was previously described Follow the steps below to apply for an identity change card that is located in The store area of your free fire.

  • Play the Garena Fire game for free on your smartphone or computer
  • Log in to your account using the login options available.
  • Select the section Store, then click”collection,” then click “collection,” Go to the “items” section.
  • Scroll down, and then choose the name change card.
  • There’s a requirement to provide 199 diamonds for the purchase of this card. If you’ve got enough diamonds, hit the purchase button.
  • Click on”use name change card” and then click on the “use name change cards” option, enter the name you wish to use as an alternative nickname, then select”Save button.

Notification: The name change card is only available for a couple of days in a month at the store section. So when you are looking to purchase it, it is necessary go to the store section every day to verify whether it’s in stock or not.


How do I get a name change cards in the free fire, without diamonds

The question is what is the best option if you don’t have enough diamonds for an identity change card. In this scenario, you are able to get a no-cost name change card by using guild tokens and not spend just one diamond.

  • How do I change the name of my free fire, without diamonds
  • Check out the guild section of the fire that is free.
  • Finish the achievable mission and then collect your guild’s tokens.
  • After that, click Store and then click on the redeem, then choose”guild rewards “guild reward” option.
  • In the reward section of guilds There are a lot of rewards such as weapon crates diamond vouchers, weapon vouchers characters, name-changing cards.
  • Choose the name-changing card, and then purchase it by exchanging guild tokens.
  • Once you’ve acquired it, you’ll be able to utilize the card from your vault, and using it, you can change your username.
  • You can change your name in Garena free fire with no diamonds with these easy actions. Additionally, you can receive lots of free rewards with this guild’s tokens.

FAQ’s – many times can free fire permits one to change the name of a person?

You are not limited on changing nicknames within the game of fire for free. However, you can only play with the name change cards 25 times.

2.How do I change the name of free fire into a fancy one?

There are a variety of tools and apps to help you create extravagant names to use on fire. You can generate your unique name by using one of these and then use the name generated instead of the standard nickname.

Conclusion –

Through this fascinating article we discovered how to change the name in the free fire, without diamonds. We have observed that there are generally two ways to change name names within the fire. The first method for changing names is to earn free 390 diamonds when you change the name. The second method is to finish task for the guild to get the name changer card for free.

Should you be having any questions or concerns about this article, contact us via email. If you’d like to receive free diamonds in a free fire then visit this link to gain access to the fire free diamond generator.